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  1. Test story 

    Kako looked through her view ports from inside the cupola, nothing but the streets of Strasbourg was littered with destroyed flaming wrecks of the panzer 1 and 2 german tanks that had be operational and kicking a few minutes before hand.

    She opened the hatch at the back of the turret and sat out getting her binocs out to get a better view she was calm outside but intense inside knowing that her tank, Char B1 ter "Mogador", single handedly survived and out fought a dozen of panzer light tanks. 

    Seeing that it was clear she got back in her turret and closed the hatch, "driver how we doing for fuel...?" Kako said looking down at the driver's cabin. "We got two thirds of it remaining commander" Powerstroke replied "but still we havn't burnt through half of the 75s" "ah right then..." Kako wiped her brow "only have a few dozen of the 47s left up here, Zao any radio contacts?" Zao was the radio operatior and also the loader for the B1's 75mm howitzer that was aimed and fired by Powerstroke.

    "No nothing Ma'am, radio has being static before the skirmish heard nothing since we broke contact with the guys at rally point charlie" Kako nodded and return to looking through her view ports.

    "There's rumors of german tank Ace that commands a Tiger heavy tank, Kitashi heard of him? the British call him the sand mist angel in africa." Kako asked her crew members to past the time, Power and Zao shook their heads "why do "the call him the sand mist angel?" Zao asked.

    "One time his tank appeared out of a sandstorm and started firing at the british units he was sticking out of the cupola that it disrupted the flow of the sandstorm that it look like a pair of wings behin...-" just then she saw more enemy tanks "Kruts spotted... 8 panzer IIIs and 4 panzer IV Ds! Everyone hold still at your positions make them think we're dead"

    1. Ace6steel


      For some reason i feel like I’m gonna come in at the time when the Ace shows up

      120mm ammo choices (in case you didn’t know): APCBC (Armor piercing capped ballistic capped), AP shot, HEATFS (High explosive anti-tank fin stabilized) (this round has the highest penetration).

      Im liking it so far and would like if you continued this

    2. _8V92_Detroit_


      I like it so far. Keep this up!