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  1. Story planning: initially started as a RP but will continue it here on my forum status update and rebalanced

    The Invasion of Pomerania


    The good guys

    Border Collie Federation, smart with a tactical approach uses US, French, UK and Australian WWII equipment.

    Mercenaries, includes Kako, Kitashi and Powerstroke.

    The bad guys

    Pomerania Insurgent Front, bloodlush with aggressive swarming playstyle, uses German, Russian, Japanese and Italian WWII equipment.

    Yet to be name antagonist Field Marshal (to be revealed in the story) 

    Weapons and vehicles for each character

    Kako: Winchester Model 1887, Char B1 ter

    Also I finished finelining the whole of that group selfie drawing /^_\\


    1. _8V92_Detroit_
    2. Ace6steel


      If you’re gonna do the weapons for the Mercs then i would like a suppressed Kar98k with dual M1911s as backups with my vehicle as my KS-120A prototype tank from when we started the RP

      also would like title of tank mechanic/designer or developer