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  1. 20190309_004719.jpg

    Im going over it with fineliner now~ /^_\\ im gunna do it in order closest to the camera so Taihou is next followed by Kotono and Zao. Maybe next I will draw me doing a selfie with the guys next time round so:

    - Khaenn

    - Kitashi(updated design)

    - Powerstroke(if he's got a character design ready)

    - Harby(thinking of doing him as like Escanor again due to the reception of it, but other ideas have emerge that should draw him as Tanya the Evil in and Kotono has sent me an image of another character idea)

    Substitutes, in case if issues of above characters garner them to be not drawn:

    - Pilot(he maybe returning since I last drew him 2-3 yrs ago but he's appearance is very close to Kitashi)

    - left over Harby character ideas (yeah there might be 2 harbies in the next drawing like one Tanya and one Escanor lol) 

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    2. _8V92_Detroit_


      Hair is black, I have a hispanic complexion. When I say long, I mean long for a guy. Down to my shoulders at most in the back, down to my eyes in the front.

    3. Rolkatsuki


      Okaiis will consider them 

    4. _8V92_Detroit_


      Yeah mostly im not too picky as long as you have the hair goth look and tattoos