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  1. 20190303_225939.jpg

    Drawing wip: I do a group selfie. From left to right: me, Zao and Bucky, 2 more characters Im adding in on the other side of me which could be Kotono, Taihou(KanColle) and even Tanya in an imperial officer's uniform

    Sorry I've being less active here in recent times, I got back into WoT playing it on a regular basis now since the NA server merge. Less than 10k xp away from the AMX 65t Im so excited! /^.\\

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    2. Rolkatsuki


      Just describe what you want your character to look like when I draw you.

    3. Ace6steel


      Looks good

      you already have an idea of what my character looks like but i’ll Have you add one thing: scar across the left eye for my character

    4. Rolkatsuki


      sure okaiis next time I draw you /^_\\