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  1. Story ideas that I wanna write next:

    1. The world has being thrown into chaos by the tier 10 and tier 9 ships many tier 8s tried to defend their ocean sovereignty against them but many were sunk, some of the tier X and tier IX unicum players betrayed seeing their cause they where fighting for was unjustified, but where eventually found out and where imprisoned on an island prison.

    Rescuing these unicums can help them commander the remaining t8 ships and change the tide of the war but this daring operation lays in the hands of Le Terrible, a t8 ship that no other captain would think of using and a captain of some history.

    2. Continue the Border Collie Federation assault on a Pomeranian insurgent stronghold island which originally began as a RP but may continue here as a story.

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    2. Ace6steel


      It was a hard choice but switch me to the Alabama since it has a better armor layout. I want the Mass but...it feels too reliant on it’s secondaries since the ship loses accuracy for insane secondary range. As much as I love a good brawler I want to have my shells actually hit, but to compensate we could have Alabama use AFT and BFT as well stacking on to Artillery Plotting room at least giving her a modest range of 6km for her secondaries keep the stealth stuff though i can give you commander skills if you want

    3. Ace6steel


      Alabama skills:

      Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Jack of All Trades, Superintendant, BFT, AFT, Concealment Expert

      Alabama Upgrades:

      Main armaments 1, Damecon 1, Artillery Plotting Room, Rudder Shift mod 2, Concealment Systems

    4. 7_3_PowerStroke