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  1. 20190226_001332.jpg

    Which fighter? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      harby looks like a less buff Escanor from seven deadly sins (best character on that show as well, fight me.)

    3. Ace6steel


      lol gonna agree with you on harby looking like a less buff escanor but sorry i am siding with the son of the Demon King, Meliodas for best character

    4. Rolkatsuki


      in case you don't see all the weapons:

      Harby: 2x knuckle dusters & War Mallet

      Kako: tomahawk axe & dagger

      Khaen: 2x hidden blades, wakizashi & bow n arrows


      situation scenario for you to think:

      1. an Arena (ie the roman colosseum)

      2. zombie apocalypse at shopping department

      3. guard duty (defending an objective) 

      Im thinking of improving this drawing and then draw 3 more characters on a new page. /^_\\