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  1. so guys what do you prefer seeing when you click that forum bell notification and see that Kako-chan here has updated their forum status update do you want more:

    a) stories that I make up in my head.(the failed story that I try to have as a light RP in the hangout may continue as a story here)

    b) of my latest drawings.(currently drawing a 3 character on a page cast kind of thing atm)

    c) wows related status updates, including post battle reports and replays on youtube that belong to me. 

    d) of me talking about real life stuff like how my dad crash my mum's car from earlier.

    What makes you guys comment and like my forum status updates? because I respect those that put in the effort to do those because it gives me a sense of belonging~ /^_\\


    1. Ace6steel


      Hmmm....I’m leaning towards A and B....

    2. _8V92_Detroit_


      A or D here but thats me

    3. Mental_Model_Zao


      Is E) All of the above, an option? ^.^