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  1. Update on orphanage sad story:

    - I believe that Khaenn, Kitashi and Power is 3 too many friends to be in early to mid game supporting characters so 2 will be move to other roles in the story one will be the foster father who comes and adopts Kako's only friend the other will be the manager of the orphanage. This will give Kako and her friend a greater odd to survive in the orphanage to have that greater feel of living in terror or a form of domestic abuse. To make Kako feel more unwanted and insignificant to the rest of the children in the orphanage. 

    - main character is expecting gore midway through the story and yes at the very end of the story. 

    - im looking for something to represent innocence for my character like flowers, teddy bear(very strong idea), lamb, puppies and that. 

    - story is may end or at least feel like it ended in a cliffhanger giving readers here a chance to finish the story as an alternative ending. 

    - Title brainstorming for story: The Day I felt no sense of Belonging, How The World decided My Fate, No One Likes Stories Anymore...

    - the Bullies are brown twintailed girl, white hair full bangs girl and a boy with blonde greasy locks.

    - My clothes will start out as an oversized shirt and pants, but as a result of coping up with abuse from bullies, it turns into a ripped short shorts and a one strap backless crop top along with the increasing number of badages and other medical dressing or is that too much fanservice? 

    1. Ace6steel


      Up to you really

      since you’re reducing the friends the revenge story might need to be tweaked and/or completely changed, but based on what you’ve said i don’t think it will fit now with the changes

      FYI i don’t feel up to being the manager of the orphanage

    2. Rolkatsuki


      I see well thank you for telling me in advance