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  1. So Im looking back at my previous status updates some of these comments or the mood behind them has given me an idea to write up a sad tragedy story here.

    Im thinking something of a story about Kako growing up in a poorly managed orphanage, she wanted to be a story teller/writer so she would tell the other kids about her stories some of these kids are her friends like Powerstroke, Khaenn and Kitashi but they get adopted and go on to live with their foster families while Kako remains behind no family wanting to take her in because of her thinking to action executing impairment.

    Through some of the kids at the orphanage are bullies(I have 3 people in mind that could be them) they expoit Kako's weakness and put her down for the goal she's trying to pursue, they would hurt her mentally and physically like injuring her randomly, discriminating her and destroying her belongings eventually luring Kako out one night and beating her to death.

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    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      Kako-sama is gonna have so many notifications when she wakes up xD 


      I hope she doesn't kill us instead T.T

    3. _8V92_Detroit_


      Who knows? We'll have our ghosts write revenge then...

    4. Ace6steel


      this is where i make my exit...

      @Mental_Model_Zao what tiers you looking to play

      (respond in pm)