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  1. Kops Are Krazily Op (KAKO) - 3rd gear

    "Affirmative dispatch..." Kako replied over the intercom, as she chased the Evo and the Skyline down the Freeway, she clicked on one of the modified buttons on her Mercedes' steering wheel that activated a sentry laser dazzler from the ceiling and started aiming in the direction of the rear view and side mirrors of the street racers, it 1st aimed at the rear view mirror of Harby's car temporary blinding him with the green laser causing him to swerve all over the road frightening other bystander drivers more that they raced passed. This gave Kako the opportunity to close the gap rapidly and side-slam the Skyline onto the road side barricades, Harby's car was solidly sandwiched between the VEU unit and the barricades causing sparks to flare off from the side as the rate of damage the Skyline is taking was becoming exessive. Harby was sweating bucket loads before he activated his nitrous to break free before being crumpled up.

    Kako then reposition back on the road again and tried the sentry dazzler on Rey's Evo by voice command "Sentry, attack Evo mirrors", but he saw how it work on Harby and avoided the blinding lasers by facing his mirrors away, Rey smirked and he try to best Harby on trying to stay at the front of him. "Okaiis" Kako said to herself sounding a little bit disappointed from failing from almost catching Harby, "Plan B" Kako click another button, activating the inbuilt LRAD systems on the bumper, laying a direct deafening ringing noise at the street racers what windows they had left on their car shattered from the noise, out of confusion from sudden deafness, they slowed down, But Kako accelerated and rear-ended the Nissan sending Harby into Rey's car from an angle connecting the left corner of the Skyline's bumper with the Evo's right side door fracturing Rey's right leg, causing Rey to brake and stop on the side of the road closing his race of being busted. Kako stopped behind the Evo and radioed dispatch for further instructions.

    "Suspect driving the Evo is immobilized but injured" Kako reported to dispatch, "Roger that, Cachalot 0-2 continue pursuit on the remaining suspect, our recovery team and ambulance will be with them shortly" Kenneth radioed back. Kako drove off and catched up on Harby whom opened up the distance due to the Rey's accident. Kako activated her nitrous boosting her GLE 63 AMG Coupe at a dashing speed making Harby under the assumption that Kako was concerned with Rey's arrest and emergency underestimate the cop SUV's quickness by slamming the back of the Skyline even more so much that the skyline front flipped and landed on it's roof, fortunately the cabin didn't crumble but Harby was knocked out. "Suspect incapacitated dispatch!" Kako radioed dispatched as she parked next to the doomed Skyline and put on the hazard lights.

    "Good job Cachalot 0-2! Quick as always~" Kenneth congratulated Kako, Superintendent Sully sighed in relief as the days of Victoria's most wanted street racers of terrorising the roads was drawn to a close, other cops at the dispatch center were celebrating by clapping and whistling, within minutes ambulances and other officers arrived at the location of the crashed Skyline and Evo collecting evidence, managing traffic around the crash sites. Kako got out of her battle damaged SUV and gaved the handover to the paramedics, who are pulling Harby out and tending to him before putting him into the ambulance. Unknowingly to the police department, the alarm goes off in the state museum back in the city. Kitashi makes off with a historical item as he loads it up at the back of his Nismo 370Z and drives off, he intends to sell it in the black market for a very high price, Kitashi drives down the city streets in a hurry, with the museum alarms echoing across the city, and people about spending the night out at the city, the police department's victory will be cut short which paths into uncertainty as their units are spread too thin from investigating 2 crashes, fatigue from the pursuit and refueling from the chase that ended up in those crashes.

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      FYI my character and me in games when doing crime, we dont hit the same place twice

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      Looks good Kako. You've got writer's blood thats for sure

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      Yay~ \ /^,\\ / ty! Ty!

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