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  1. Kops Are Krazily Op (KAKO) - 2nd Gear

    As Zao raced down the Highway she wonders how long she can last as a undercover street racer before the others realise who she really is. She briefly glance as the angry group of pursuing police cars breaking off pursuit, she stopped wondering, confident that her training has set her up well for this situation, she's in the undercover patrol division, she continued pretending to race with the others after refreshing her mind of her role in the police force.

    "Ah they shoulda gotten more of those BMWs... those Commodores are super thirsty buggers haha!" Harby smirked and stroked his goatee, his overly gelled blonde hair that looks like a damp mop shined under the night from car headlights, Harby is shifted gears as he continued down the straight path of the Freeway. Harby is the kind of street racer that challenges the authorities and has successfully evade them from pursuit nearly a dozen times since the last term of financial year.

    The racer in the Evo was someone that looks up to Harby as an idol, whenever it be parents or cops, Rey hated living by someone else's standards. So he look into street racing as break his mind free from the ordeals. His actions of wanting to be like Harby has left him in the same situation, highly wanted by the authorities along with multiple warrants. In fact, he was wanted so much that Superintendent Sully put on a two hundred thousand dollar reward for information or evidence leading up to the capture and arrest of Rey, which is two-thirds that of Harby's wanted reward.

    "Undercover 0-6 come in?" Kenneth relayed in the intercom to Zao.
    Zao responded via her BRZ's intercom.
    "Dispatch this Undercover 0-6 over?"
    "The VEU is rapidly approaching your location from ahead of you, 25 clicks out, patching then into the channel"
    The VEU unit spoke, a lady's voice kinda soft but stern tone spoke into the intercom, "Undercover 0-6 this is Cachalot 0-2, brake!!" Zao slammed her feet on the brake pedal, the confused Harby and Rey looked at their rear view mirrors at her BRZ getting further away they passed her off as from being an inexperienced racer, looking back ahead on the freeway they are driving on they are greeted by incoming GLE 63 AMG Coupe deck out in AFP Highway Patrol livery.

    The raging bull of a cop SUV attempted to ram the Nissan head on but Harby manages to barely steer out of the way gashing the side of his car along with the side mirror snapping off, "Oh sh*t that's the VEU!". Cachalot 0-2 executed a sharp handbreak turn and gives chase to the terrified street racers, easily catching up and delivering a rear-end to Rey's Evo X, agitating the said driver. Zao's unit pulled out of the race as she too was running low on fuel. The VEU pulled up behind them and match their speed its driver announcing a message to them on the car's megaphone, "attention suspects this is your final warning pull over now in the next 5 seconds or I'll do it for you!" in response the street racers didn't divert from their course and continue to dart past other cars around them, they are fearful now that the authority's controversial elite is now after them, but they continued racing to maintain their dignity as proud lawless racers.

    "It's no use..." Kenneth sighed over the intercom "Kako you are weapons free"

    1. Ace6steel


      it would honestly be funny if i come in on my nismo 370Z and P.I.T manuever two of the cops before blowing through Rey and harby

      my background i was thinking of one of Japan's top street racers. Maybe not one of the top but most-wanted if possible

    2. The_first_harbinger


      Funny you would make me a Nissan drift racer, especially when I'm a battleship main :Smile_playing:

    3. Ace6steel


      hm interesting