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  1. Kops Are Krazily Op (KAKO) characters and their vehicles

    Harby Wumpuson(Nissian Skyline R34): the most wanted street racer with a outstanding arrest warrant consisting failing to stop on numerous occasions, police evasion, and one count of attempted murder from car accident.

    Rey Rinheart(Mitsubishi Evo X): a spoiled rich boy who ran away from his family and now on the run from authorities due to a series of hooning, overspeeding, driving through red lights as well as racing illegally.

    Zao Nekosaki(Subaru BRZ "Undercover"): a cop driver in the AFP part of the undercover patrol division, co-workers describle the best person to blend in to anything.

    Kenneth Shankable(BMW X5 "Diplomatic protection"): holds just shy of a senior position in the AFP has a keen eye for organisation and management.

    Sully Hoppogeddon(Toyota Aurion "Sheriff"): a police Superintendent of the Victoria Police city metropolitan department those that he's in charge of questions how organised he is.

    Kako Kynii: (stay tune for the story sequel: 'Kops Are Krazily Op (KAKO) - 2nd gear' in the meantime if you missed it, the 1st story can be read at this link: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/profile/1010594299-rolkatsuki/?status=14850&type=status )

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    2. 7_3_PowerStroke


      Nice write-up. Interesting aspect. Well done

    3. Rolkatsuki


      I'll see if I can fit more of you guys in. 


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      hehe. Whatever you can make work Kako-sama