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  1. Rolkatsuki

    A 40 Knot Iowa?

    Defining the term fast battleship to a whole new level.
  2. Rolkatsuki

    Frustration with CV - Please nerf DD!

    There are weekend warriors then this one takes the charm, weekend posters.
  3. Rolkatsuki

    ST: New Ships!

    Yay Colbert! Pls WG don't make it a steel ship... I'm struggling to save up steel more so than coal and free xp for Bourgogne... />.\\
  4. Rolkatsuki

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Please don't put CV's into ultra competitive gametypes until the playerbase of varying skill levels are ok with it.
  5. when Atlanta's parents tell her she's adopted and her big sister, colbert comes in looking extra thicc


  6. Hope they give it the option to swap out hydro for plane
  7. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    This is peak performance
  8. Seattle doesn't get plane at all
  9. German BBs are good brawlers then you have this monstrosity abomination called the Russian high tier BBs
  10. I need to draw Kako with a Reaper Zaoviathan at some point 


  11. Rolkatsuki

    Truly OFF TOPIC Thread -[REBORN]-

    Ah its good to have friends that can do that, I get here and there in my 2014 toyota Aurion Prodigy
  12. Rolkatsuki

    Truly OFF TOPIC Thread -[REBORN]-

    so guys what car do you use to get to work/school/college or just catching up with friends? if not a car how do you get there?
  13. Rolkatsuki

    Republique is BAD!

    please buff the ship's stigma? how bout you nerf your stigma?
  14. oh well you CV players will have lots of fun when the patch where they introduce the French DD line comes out.