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  1. Kops Are Krazily Op (KAKO) 1st gear

    3 street racers raced along a Freeway pushing their gas to the limit but way opening the already gigantic gap and well over the speed limit endangering their safety and that of other vehicles they share the road with, they speed down with the tsunami of wailing sirens of police units howling behind them as they try to keep pace with the suspect vehicles.

    The 2001 blue black hooded Nissan skyline r34 was toe to toe with a 2008 red Mitsubishi Evo X, their engines growled constantly with power as they darted around traffic with a 2013 white Subaru BRZ trailing behind them 2, remarkably still keeping pace. Each driver was focused, both the skyline and Evo's driver had nerves running through them as the sweat with pressure of winning the race through the BRZ's driver retained more of a calm aura.

    On the pursuing police side, their cars was uniformed with white background? checked with blue stripes, composing matching decals of the word 'POLICE' as well as the matching blue badge of the Victoria Police, cars joining in pursuit vary from the mainstream but starting to age Holden VF Commodores to Fold Falcon FGs, these cars had long been staple workhorse of the police fleet but are struggling too keep pace with the racers, among the pursuit horde was the newer BMW 530d a new comer to the police force only begining their service earlier this year, through the BMW is needs to pull out of the chase due to running low on fuel, as it was doing highway patrol duties beforehand and was the 1st to initiate the chase. 

    "Dispatch, this is Hunter 8-7-3 im pulling out of the chase, running low of fuel!" the BMW pull out on the next exit from the freeway. "Dammit!" A frustrated, Superintendent Sully palmed his desk "we gonna loose them..." it's just that the cops had pick this time to have their helicopter to be serviced, when they have 2 of the most wanted racers in their grasp as they start to gain distance again, just when all hope looks like it's gonna kick the bucket, a guy in a suit burst into the dispatch center "Don't apprehend the BRZ!" He was held up his ID card before someone asked how'd he got passed the checkpoint, his ID revealed him to be Kenneth Shankeable an informant working in the Australian Federal Police(AFP), he comes over to Sully saying that he'll take over dispatch and opened a laptop showing the Superintendent a live video feed of the Evo and Skyline racing from the dashboard of the BRZ much to a shock to Sully. "Pull all your units out, you are endangering the public more with that many cars" Sully nodded and he radioed those currently in pursuit to break off.

    "Undercover 0-6," Kenneth radio'd the BRZ "good job on setting up the race for them and putting a beacon on them, a unit from our VEU team will pounce on them soon", the Vehicular Enforcer Unit was AFP's national vehicle highway pursuit specialists, are especially up to the task of dealing with wanted street racers whom fear them, but they a rarely seen in action due to the tax they consume, unlike standard cops, they play by their own rules which in turn is largely questionable by the public.

    "Roger that Dispatch" Constable Zao said back to Kenneth "will continue to keep tabs on them until the VEU arrives" 

    To be continued...

    1. 7_3_PowerStroke


      looks good so far Kako-chan

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Sigh  Falcon and Commodore. 

      Alas, Poor Australian Auto manufacturers. We hardly knew ye. :Smile_sad: