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  1. Hai im thinking of typing up a story again that's not so depressing and tragic like my previous one that may or may not made some of my profile visitors really sad so its to lighten the mood so here is my ideas /^.\\:

    - NFS Rivals inspired cop car chase scene but along Princess Freeway in Victoria Australia featuring police Kako.

    - Assasin's Creed inspired, Kako and Khaenn are assassins helping the Free French Interior fight for survival and France's liberation under the wrath of German, Vichy France and Italian forces. ****y will be a German templar that needs assassinating.

    - continue the Battle for Nekopia story? Where a lone Sheep Dog Federation starship has came to the aid of the Neko Republic home defense fleet but remain outnumbered to the opposing starships of the hostile Kitsuni Empire.

    - a series of shorts where Kako will be anyone's imouto-chan(little sister)

    - a world of warships match in the late game but it goes like a naruto fight scene

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      I like all of them, though I always loved NFS as a kid ^.^

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Kako rescues Furutaka from the Abyssals