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  1. The Kanmusu's Tortured anxiety 

    "I'm sorry!!" Kako scream as she was pulled by the hair and then thrown down the stairs, each contact with the steps was like having a hammer swang at her body causing bruises and fracturing one of her fingers.

    Kako was trying her best to do her part in supporting the household but her roommate was really abusive, Kako was suppose to sweep the floor every other day but the effort she put in was on a decline because she lost her left eye to a botfly maggot last week it must've went in while she hanging the laundry out on a  in the backyard on a humid afternoon, negatively affecting her field of vision when she tried doing her end of the chores.

    After Kako fell all the way to ground floor level, she weakly get up tearing, cradling her finger "stop being dumb, and do your end of your deal you stupid girl!" He shouted at Kako walking down the stairs holding a broomstick. Frightened, the anxious and hurting cruiser backed into the corner of the room, crouched and curled up protecting her finger.

    "Please... d-don't hurt me anymore!" The whimpering Kako pleaded, with tears trekking down her cheeks from her only eye, while head truma resulted from falling down the stairs, blood started dripping from under her eyepatch as she coughs out blood.

    "Jeez..." Her roommate walked down the stairs, overly furious and annoyed by Kako as he pats the non-brush end of the broomstick like jerk police officer with their baton. "You piss me off you useless c*nt!" He begins swinging the broomstick at Kako over and over again, the kanmusu tried to protect herself by putting her other hand out in the way of the constant incoming slams but it was to no avail.

    After what seemed like 20 minute of being hit over and over again, Kako lay on the floor half curled up, battled and bruised, barely conscious, she was bleeding everywhere.

    "I'm sorry... for being... a useless failure..." weakly whispered from Kako's mouth, knowing her place, she gave up as she doesn't have no other place to besides here all her friends perish in service or in the line of duty trying to stop people like him.

    "What!?" Her roommate said.

    "Ki...- ill... m...- me..." the nearly dead cruiser said, her roommate smiled excitedly and went to the kitchen 

    Before Kako could witness her own death she passed out, everything went black for her from bleeding too much and head concussion.

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      hehe~ go for it!


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      Awesome! I will try to do that when I get home. 

      I'll PM it to you when I'm done.

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      Your writing is really good Kako-sama. like... really good.