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  1. RN DD mission says "get x150 shell hits" *pulls out my Worcester to have a match in it* 

    This is the match:


    1. Ace6steel


      Hm cool

      though i wish i didn’t get constantly kill-stolen in my Pepsicola

      i would be dueling a broadside cruiser and then someone comes up and kills him as i was firing the killing shot which is annoying as hell

      averaged at least 60k damage per game for awhile with at least 2 citadels per game as well

    2. Rolkatsuki


      that's okaiis just live with the fact that any kill is a set of guns, torps possibly a bunch of aircraft not attacking you anymore. /^_\\

    3. Ace6steel


      Yeah what’s funny is that

      immediatley the next game i was up against a graf spee

      and you know what happened?

      he was like 1% health and i got him from max range