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  1. Ok so I got one fictional scenario that would display the consequences if allies didn't sink Yamato at Operation ten go, but most importantly to satisfy our axis ship fans

    Plot: you are a part of the fleet assign to escort Yamato as she enters the fray of costal bombardment of Japanese mainland done by allies.

    Ships allowed: tier 7 Japanese, German ships and the Atago.

    Early game: you spawn with a bot Yamato whom you have to escort to the coast you guys come under attack by air raids and several low tier US DDs investigating the back door of the allied bombardment fleet this continues for the 1st 5 minutes, a Wyoming and New York is caught by your fleet heading in the same direction.

    mid game 1st half: attacks from the air halts as surface attacks increase US DDs tier increase, US BBs from tier 6-7 and US light cruisers from tier 4-6 start showing up mixed with tier matching UK ship types including a KGV.

    Mid game 2nd half: attacks on you guys and the yamato goes quiet for several seconds then a friendly bot Haguro appears and sos your fleet for assistance as she is being chased by the Richelieu with US airstrike squadrons now shifting their focus from the yamato temporary to the closes player to Richelieu.

    Late game: if Haguro survives getting within 0.3km of Yamato, all surviving players will be granted replenishments to all there consumables as Yamato beaches herself becoming unsinkable and opens up a field circle of repair to regenerate your health, the last 5 minutes is a fight for survival as the Allies throw everything they have at you ranging from dense airstrikes and multiple US and british DDs and cruisers including Missouri, but you have support of a never ending supply of land base fighters and shore defenses, 7 fortress available each one assigned to a player to perform manual secondary role for player ships but with near unlimited range.


    Primary Objectives:

    - Yamato must survive until reaching her LZ then destroy all allied ships.


    Secondary Objectives: 

    ☆ - Sink King George V in 2.5 minutes of being spotted.

    ☆☆ - Save Haguro until she RVs with Yamato.

    ☆☆☆ - destroy 20 aircraft within 14 seconds.

    ☆☆☆☆ - Yamato's heath must not drop below 50% before arriving at the LZ.

    ☆☆☆☆☆ - all surviving player ships must damage Missouri.