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  1. Inertia Collie.

    *The Greyhound races down a iced up river in the cover of night, he drifts round a bend by switching from running on his paws to just the tip of his claws*

    "guess those hound pups arn't at that level yet..." 

    *paws pounding on the icy river surface followed by barking can be heard further behind the Greyhound*

    "Well well, they are finally catching up."

    *he checks behind him, only to be suprised that its not one of the greyhound puppies and instead the front of a fluffy b/w dog nearly his size closing the distance* 

    "Ehh, that's not one of ours... Is that a husky or an australian shepherd?"

    *both dogs with the Greyhound in lead approaches another bend they drift round the bend on their tippy claws, which in turn reveals the side of the new comer close up as the drift closes the gap between them 2 more*

    "A border collie?! Nice running sheep dog, but after these next 2 bends, I won't even hear you barking behind me!"

    *as they both approach a left bend the Greyhound slows down, enabling the border collie to proceed ahead at aggressive speed, which gets the race dog wondering* 

    "Doesn't this dog know this river, after the left bend there's a sharp right turn, if she doesn't slow down, she'll flop onto the riverbank..."

    *the border collie comes in the left bend not drifting prior, causing her to oversteer as she switches to her claw running* 

    "I knew it! You're going in way too fast! You can't slow down in time at this point!"

    *the border collie whilst running briefly steps with her paws on her front legs and rotates them that instance and resumes back on her claws, causing her nose in the opposite direction readily set up and slides through the sharp right corner on her claws* 

    "What the hell?"

    *the grey hounds eyes grow wide with shock as she recovers from the oversteer*

    "Inertia drift?!"

    *the sheep dog dissappears behind the sharp turn, as the greyhound speeds up to catch up, but understeers and tumbles into the riverbank*