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  1. WoWs Community Stereotypes in a world war.

    1. The Elitist State of Unicum(ESU) declares war on the Weekend Warrior's Union(WWU) due to their contribution to the poor community economy every weekends.

    2. The Wallet Warrior Islands(WWI) in accordance to the Payfast Teaty with WWU declares war on ESU.

    3. War wages on with WWI exhausting their resources forcing them to surrender and get overtaken by the ESU. Many WWI forces that accept the surrender became the Order of the Wallet (OTW) the few that escape, continued their war on ESU as Free Wallet Warriors (FWW)

    4. ESU gains a strong foothold into WWUs capital forcing WWU's forces to run to the border to the Weebs' Blunicum Federation(WBF) whom in turn declares war on ESU.

    5. The Players' Republic of Stat-Padding(PRSP) enters the war with allegiance with ESU and attacks WBF.

    6. WBF starts too spread its forces thin due to combat with PRSP, OGN and ESU at different fronts and calls in for foreign assistance.

    7. Few nations answer, The Whiner's Nation(WN) slams the war as a waste of the downvote economy and remains neutral, the Cancerous Empire of Toxicity(CET) sees that their child country(ESU) is actually struggling against WBF and starts sending military equipment to ESU under a Lend Least Salt Act.

    8. The United Noobs of Potatoes(UNP) agrees to assist WBF but a civil war breaks out in them due to some of its citizens disagreeing in the WBF ways.

    9. UNP is ultimately divided in the civil war which gave birth to the Tomato Rebel Front(TRF) whom against UNP's original wishes has sworn allegiance to the ESU and the Kingdom of Newb Potats(KNP) whom sides with the WBF.

    10. The Troll Sovereign State(TSS) shows combat neutrality by shooting down CET transport aircraft inbound to the ESU as well as at WWU warship trying to dock for supplies due to its geo location.

    Who is your favourite faction? 

    - Elitist State of Unicum

    - Weekend Warrior's Union

    - Order of The Wallet

    - Free Wallet Warriors

    - Weebs' Blunicum Federation

    - Players' Rebublic of Stat-Padding

    - Whiner's Nation

    - Cancerous Empire of Toxicity

    - Tomato Rebel Front

    - Kingdom of Newb Potats

    - Troll Sovereign State


    *has stopped writting as it might end up being biased to a faction*