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  1. I made up my mind not to leave my clan, but will avoid full division voice chats, but if I find myself in one and the 2 (or more of them if scenario) are quite talkative, one match and yeah call it a day. /;^_\\


    On to other news I brought the Aigle put my 15 point Friant captain and engine boost module in it and...

    First match:


    Second match:


    And a scenario match in it:


    She is a terror of her own league!

    1. YeOldeTraveller


      Yep, a terror in the right situations.

      I find that I do better if I have some support.  But my survival statistics are not as good as yours.

      Also, my best French captain is only 10-points. I plan to add Expert Marksman and Survivability Expert as I get the points.