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  1. Im pondering about leaving my clan due to my incapability to play effectively in a full div on VC last time I was in a div with 2 of them so we where a full div on a discord call as well and their talking was wearing me out that I ended up tilting rather quickly that i was planning to hang up from call but I didn't want to make them feel bad.

    I can deal with:

    - CWs because it usually just 1 person(CW commander) talking.

    - running solo.

    - running in a div with VC with only one other person. 

    But in a call with 2 or more people I just get all drained out and probably quit the game in a few matches for a day. I just avoid calls with 2 or more people unless its for CWs. But if im in a call with one person and someone else wants to join...? I can't really leave when another comes on, that's ethically wrong, i'll make that person coming on feel like they are not well liked, I'll just avoid calls/VC during divisioning all together except for people that understand my reasoning.

    1. Incendiary_Tanker


      I think it's really up to you, I was in the kinda the same problem back over in WOT with my clan. I did a lot of the Admin work, as well as organize training sessions events and planned for the future and all the other memes. But I found that I was having less and less fun playing the game. And well any time I try to platoon up I also get drowned out kappa. So it's not fun. 

      For me a clan should be a place of community and enjoyment, if a clan ever stops being that leave it. It's not worth suffering over a game. Trust me, this game has destroyed me too many times kappa~

      But it can be fun, especially when things get exciting or a new tech tree meme begins here!

    2. The_first_harbinger


      Please, you and Zao are the cornerstone of our clan, if you quit on us at this most crucial moment, it would be devastating, both to the members and Zao in particular.

      Our Clan is more than just world of warships, just as it always has been. If you feel like it's a little stressful or frustrating (like I had with the game constantly crashing), our clan is a good place for a break, chat with us!

    3. Mental_Model_Zao


      I agree, please don't go Kako-sama T.T