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  1. I'm tryharding on your drawing right now, what side arm and primary do you want? 


    I've already got your axes down... just wondering if you want a pistol in one hand or two axes in both. 

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Prefer an Axe in left hand and dagger in reverse grip on the right hand, 

      Primary: lets go with any shotgun, (KSG-NR if modern)

      Sidearm: any revolver/magnum (FN five seven or USP Tactical if modern)

    2. Incendiary_Tanker





      Here's what I have down so far. 

      I have decided draw in the Japanese flag on the left and the Australian flag on the right. 

      Going off the Swiss uniform Kako you sent me a few months back kappa. 

      not as sure were to put you shotgun just yet, might have it hanging on the side, as I was expecting it to be a little longer. 

    3. Rolkatsuki


      Hmm its looking pretty promising, /^_\\

      we could try the axe on the my side and the KSG's stock sticking diagonally out from my back above the left shoulder.