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  1. (WoWs: IGRT teaser trailer in RP format)


    "The things I've done..." *from Rolkasa's point of view, she looks at her hands shaking from playing WoWs excessively*

    "Would make any hacker feel salty." *she puts her hands down and looks at her ship in port, the Mogador Ameliore as a WG staff walking in the background stops and looks at Rolkasa concern for her well being*

    "Me, got no apology" *flashbacks to a previous match where a division of hackers in a Moskva and Khaba are just about enter combat with their enemy team*

    "No regets..." *the same Mogador registered as part of the enemy team spawns right next to the hackers' Moskva sailing in the opposite direction and launches 3 torps at it crippling the cruiser who uses damacon before it can react as the Mogador turned around and launched torps from the otherside at the Moskva as the DD chases the Khaba* 

    "No excuses," *Mogador dodges Moskva's final shots barely just bouncing one shot as it dies for the latters 2nd torp salvo while 1st shots from the Khaba shatter on the Mogador's forward turrets as both DD's turned on engine boost as the Khaba is chased around the battlefield wiggling as causing Mogador's shells to shatter on its belt or missed most of the time, As Mogador pursues it starts coming worst off in terms of damage trading*

    "And no remorse..." *Khaba uses a sinking Conqueror's side as a ramp to make a jump to avoid point blank torps from the Mogador as the french DD took the opportunity to shoot the Khaba in the stern's underside in mid-air knocking out both its engine and rudder as the Khaba lands in the water helpless as it tries to finish the Mogador off but the Conqueror's carcass is in the way* 

    "I made my choice to save this game," *Mogador uses the same jump and lands on the Khaba followed by an explosion of the 2 as everything goes black* 

    "Now you make yours..." *flashback to present times with Rolkasa giving the thumbs up to the WG staff before clicking the battle button*