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  1. *the Conqueror comes back from from a WG meeting to meet up with Yamato who is cooking* 

    Conqueror: hai Yammy~ 

    Yamato: oh hallo! 

    *Conqueror and Yamato hug each other* 

    Yamato: how was it.

    Conqueror: so Wargaming has collaborated with a institute that's researching on cures for cancer and Im gonna be helping them.

    Yamato: that's good but.... uhhhh 

    *Yamato whimpers as she cooks*

    Conqueror: but what Yam?! 

    Yamato: but... why no practise on your balancing...?

    Conqueror: Yam, I am helping make cures for cancer and all you care is about me practicing on balancing!?

    Yamato: So...? 

    Conqueror *shouts* : Yam, I am helping fight against cancer! 

    Yamato:  you not being balanced is cancer.