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  1. For those that didnt read chapter 1 of The IGRT Castroductions or just need to re-read it after forgetting about it here it is before you move onto chapter 2: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/profile/1010594299-rolkatsuki/?status=11677&type=status




    The IGRT Castroductions chapter 2: Zaou Apple Seed.
    The following morning the NA WoWs forum community was in full gossip mode as Rolkasa woke up and checked her phone, a few sightings of a pair of division up'd DRCH clan members in BBs scoring unusually good hits on ships of their opposing team despite reading victims' posts saying they have being moving around alot full on WASD hacks mode and being undetected or unlocated the last few minutes as they are shot at, Rolkasa check each forum post relating to this DRCH div pair carefully leading to believe they have to be using some rendering hack which overlays the concealment mechanics.
    Rolkasa got a bit upset as she puts down her phone and gets ready for the day as she feels that the WoWs NA forum community was like a second hometown to her. "I see it as a home that keeps me sane from the faults of reality... now that's always worth protecting!" she says to herself to tighten up her optimism as she finishes getting ready wearing a tan sleeveless crop top, a grey cardigan thats unbutton and black demin shorts, followed by walking up to her window and punches her right fist into her left palm, her face draws on determination. "Im certainly no unicum but a-..."
    Suprising knocks on her door prompting Rolkasa to go answer it, upon opening the door stood there a girl who was a inch taller and a much bigger bust and long thick brown hair. "Hello there, are you part of Wargaming's IGRT department?" she said, Rolkasa nodded and replied polietly and shyly "Yes that's right I am ma'am..." The girl told Rolkasa to follow her out, so Rolkasa shut her door and followed this girl out of the hotel. "Apologies for not introducing myself Rolkasa..." This girl said as they walked swiftly down the street. "My name is Zaou, we'll be working together onto dealing with these hackers since Wargaming's current arsenal cannot ban them from the game." Rolkasa nodded letting Zaou continue her conversation interruption free. Rolkasa learnt that she's from New York working as a pizza delivery girl, while Zaou in return learnt that Rolkasa was a student a few years younger living in Australia.
    Rolkasa's stomach grumbled prompting Zaou to playfully poke the latter's baring belly right at the navel laughing, causing Rolkasa lightly squirm and giggled. "Lets get you filled up on breakfast first, no good getting the show with Wargaming on the ball after skipping a morning meal" she said and started leading a nervous smiling Rolkasa in a new direction, coming up to a deli retailer and entering it, Rolkasa went straight up to the counter and ordered for an egg n bacon toastie and some iced coffee lining up behind her was Zaou too ordered for the same thing then went to a waiting Rolkasa and leaded her out of the deli store with a bench located nearby. "Is it okaiis if we sit there for breakfast?" Rolkasa said to Zaou pointing at the bench, Zaou was happy to obliged and nodded ushering a delighted Rolkasa to the bench and both sat down and started eating. 
    Rolkasa looked up her assumed would be senior co-worker from her half finished toastie with a question on her mind, but is too shy to ask so she occupies herself from looking at Zaou by immediately grabbing her iced coffee and drinking it energetically. Zaou looked up this younger asian girl already noticed the she has watched her for some time, "Rolkasa, what's the matter hmm?" Rolkasa was hesitant to answer but she ended up getting question across, "oh... um... so did you get the email from Wargaming regarding the IGRT session briefing?" Zaou replied then finished up her breakfast that she indeed got the email. "Ehehe...~" Rolkasa giggled finishing her toastie and scratched the back of her head, "I wanna use the Mogador Ameliore destroyer to help WG fight back their ha-" Said Rolkasa happily. Zaou concerned that someone could be listening, covered her mouth "Sshhh! Quiet all that info is NDA, someone could be listening, that was in the email too, don't forget it!" Rolkasa quietly nodded and look down then away from Zaou and finish drinking down the iced coffee, "Sorry Zaou... I forgotten about it..." Rolkasa said apologetically.
    Zaou in return got up and patted her head saying that it was ok as it was her 1st time, normal to get excited at this new experience and that she now remembers correctly. She offered Rolkasa her hand to help her get off the bench. "Come on then, we can talk in a more concealed location at Wargaming's office back there then." Rolkasa grabbed hold of Zaou's hand and stood up from the bench no longer feeling down then they both chuck their breakfast wrappings in the bin, and finally made their way to WG HQ of the NA server a few minute late with Zaou succeeding in complimenting Rolkasa's appearance to cheer her up.
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      Thanks for the link to the first chapter, hadn't read it before :p.

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      Sending emails with the secret info? That's risky. You never know, those hackers might expand their horizons from game hacking...