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  1. What could I done right that would've enable my team a win?

    1. The_first_harbinger


      There really isn't much more you could do aside from a few details...Henri's a ralatively low game impact cruiser, to begin with. But there's still a few things you could've done to give your team a better chance.


      1.The majority of the team decided to lemming A, try to do your best to stop them from doing that...

      2.As Henri, a detectable low dpm cruiser, you decide not to join the lemming train and rushes the other way without dd spotting, you are really lucky not getting shot up...

      3.I know swinging HE at BBs are satisfying, that's what Henri's best at also, but try to be not too zealous about shooting them when you could've sent an Atago, a Harekaze, a New Orleans and a Zao back to the port perhaps a lot sooner.

      4.When there's not a lot of teammates left, try to prioritize the most dangerous ships to them. For example at the last phase of the battle, when there's only you and Baltimore left, neither Bismarck nor Monarch can reliably deal huge damage to him, but the Zao can...

      5.Ammo choice is sometimes a little confusing...


      But then again, I don't own a Henri, and I gave my suggestions based on my own observations, so take my words with a grain of salt.


      Well done, wish you a better luck (and team) next battle!

    2. Rolkatsuki


      True I agree with your third point especially.