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  1. Suppose that WG granted you a unique commander which one would you choose?


    Rolkasa Swiftheart(French commander)

    Special Traits: *Upon Confederate achievement, +30% to engine power at all speeds for the rest of the match.
    *Upon High Caliber Achievement, -14% to rudder shift time and +7% to top speed for the rest of the match. 
    Zoe Anvilprison (German commander)
    Special Skills: *Adrenaline Rush, -0.3%(normal -0.2%) to all weapon reload times for each 1% health lost.
    * Basics of Survivability, -17%(normal -15%) on time to fix incapacitated modules, fires and flooding.
    Cuttlefish Stonikaze (Japanese commander)
    Special Skills: *Torpedo Expertise, +7 knots(normal +5 knots) to Torpedo Speed. And -18%(normal -20%) torpedo range.
    *Demolition Expert, +2.5%(normal 2%) to chance to set on fire to target with bombs and shells.
    Khaenn Achilles (US Commander)
    Special Traits: *upon sinking a ship, commander applied skills improve their bonus by +1% for the rest of the match.(stackable)
    *upon destroying each aircraft, upgrades improve their bonus by +0.5% for the rest of the match.(stackable)
    Kotonov Mewingrad (Russian Commander)
    Special Traits: *upon Die-Hard achievement, ship heals back 35% of its health at a rate of 1000 HP per second.(stackable)
    *for each 5000 damage done, turret and torpedo tube traverse speeds improves by 3%, bonus caps out at 100k damage.
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