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  1. So I just found out that WG left out french 2 heavy cruiser classes out of the line, the Suffren-class basically an Algerie with 90mm secondaries instead and the Duquesne-class a faster lighter Algerie that sacrifice secondaries for double the number of torpedo launchers(6 instead of 3 per side) their full tonnage suggest them to be good at tier 7... I like to suggest that Suffren should start a unique line of the French paper battlecruisers.

    That ends up leading to the Richelieu on the upcoming french BB line and Duquesne can be a tier 7 premium~ /^.\\








    1. Number9Pounder


      thanks for telling me just out of curiosity which ships are being added

    2. Rolkatsuki


      None of these 2 have being added as of current public knowledge 

    3. Number9Pounder