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  1. I started working on the 2nd chapter of The IGRT Castroductions story which will introduced Zaou to Rolkasa(me), once I've finish this massive story I plan to clump them together in a thread in either the RP or player/community creations sub-forum section.


    For those that missed chapter 1 of The IGRT Castroductions or just need to re-read it after forgetting about it here it is: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/profile/1010594299-rolkatsuki/?status=11677&type=status


    For those that want to know the story Im writing around here, it's basically World Of Warships with the Cop storyline of Need For Speed Rivals:

    Except in wows the racers are hackers, cops are the IGRT(in game response team) formed by WG to rid these hackers and those civilian cars are like other random players on the friendly/enemy team that gets caught up in the mess.