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  1. *Me and Cuttlefish loads into a match with our t5s during the weekends with a full Belfast division on the enemy team*


    Friendly DD(in global chat): "I don't know about that Div Im scared! I don't wanna play against them, Im too scared!"


    Captain_Cuttlefish(in skype call): "this player(DD) f**king sucks..."


    Rolkatsuki(in skype call): "wa-wa-wait for the match to start, then he'll be distracted of controlling his ship" /;^_\\


    DD: "I'm so scared I wanna go AFK!"


    BB(in team chat): "don't go AFK dude or I'll report you."


    Captain_Cuttlefish: "ah you kidding me? F**k this guy!"


    Rolkatsuki: "hey he's pretty bad right now, but anything can happen in random battles~ you gotta have faith in them" /;^_\\ v


    DD: "Uuu, Im gonna pee my pants! because I'm so scared!"


    Captain_Cuttlefish: "Ok but right now this guy f**king sucks!"


    DD: Nuu, Im peeing and pooping my pants because I'm so scared!"


    Rolkatsuki: "ugggh... just wait till the end of the match..." /._\\


    *match starts and the DD accidentally activates smoke and engine boost*


    DD: "now I turned on speed boost and smoke is everywhere..."


    *Rolkatsuki sighs*


    Rolkatsuki: "Oh my god..." /×_\\