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  1. The IGRT Castroductions chapter 1 of 3: Rolkasa from Down Under.

    Rolkasa exited the Baltimore/Washington International Airport after a long flight from Melbourne Australia and looked at her phone referring to the instructions texted to her by WG, the company behind World of Warships was going to cover her transportation and accommodation, she was to choose a hotel to stay the next few nights that was at close proximity to Hunt Valley. She settled her buggage onfront of her as she searches through her phone for a Hotel to stay the nights at, and with a click of her fingers on her free hand she found a hotel. She whistled for a taxi over, one answered her call and came to a stop on front of her, the gust of wind that came with the cab, briefly fluttered her off shoulder dark blue loose sweater. 
    The Taxi driver got out in anticipation of helping Rolkasa put her buggage in the trunk for her, only to see the girl do it herself and already in the process of seating herself in the back seat. The driver gave a confused smile and sat back in. "Hampton Inn and Suits, please boss~" the driver nodded and drove off heading for that accomidation. Rolkasa and the driver talked, saying she's from Australia on a business trip working for WarGaming. But when the taxi driver confronted her with the question of what kind of job in the company, Rolkasa said "iieee... just playing one of their games boss ehehe~" the driver chuckled.
    The driver reach the hotel by then it was afternoon tea, Rolkasa took her buggage out of the Taxi then paid the driver for the trip before saying her thanks as he drove off, she made her way into the hotel carrying her buggage to the reception to check in. Armed with a room number, a door card and knowledge of the room being on the 5th floor, Rolkasa proceed to use the elevator and walked the rest of her way to the room, using the card to unlock the door and get in placing her buggage in the bedroom's wardrobe as lays down on the comfy bed wanting to rest.
    Rolkasa's phone went off with a notification alert, she pulled her android device from her black shorts to read on the screen that it was a email from WGNA,  upon open this email it was actually a briefing for tomorrow's gaming session which reminds her that she will take part in causing hackers to rage quit by constantly sinking them in the matches they go. Scrolling further down the classified email, she reads that she'll divving in a group with other IGRT members, each of whom will be paired up with a systems programer that will cover and assist them against the hackers, the group the are going up against is a infamous clan called Drench [DRCH] known for bypassing Moderator bans and even costumer support tickets complaints even if aimed at them. 
    Rolkasa sees the list of ships that will be made available in their IGRT acc one of the ship's there caught her eye, it was this tier 10 French destroyer, Mogador Ameliore. Rolkasa has had an obsession with the French large destroyers several months into playing WoWs due to the combination of big guns, high speed and large displacement for a DD. A ship that was faked as a supertest ship but really because of the questionable stats that accompanied it on the email, it is no mistake that it will be a weapon to save the playerbase's moral of the NA server from rage inducing hackers.
    (The Castroduction series of the story will serve also a prologue, I hope you like chapter one /^.\\)
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