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  1. Character planning for the story will still accept more forumites that want yo be in it
    Rolkatsuki/Rolkasa (Protagonist), 
    The 1st and most experienced canidate in WG's IGRT program. 
    Potential Ships to be used: Mogador Ameliore (T10 DD), Le Terrible/Fantasque (T8/T9 DD) & Kako (T5 CA/CL). 
    Mental_Model_Zao (Protagonist),
    A div mate and fellow IGRT that Rolkasa forms 2 man death squads with as per IGRT hacker hunting proceedure.
    Potential ships to be used: Coubert (T9 CL), York (T5 CA) & Capitiani Romani (T10 DD).
    Khaenn35 (teammate),
    A vocal teammate that Rolkasa encounters in their team in one match.
    Potential ships to be used: Iowa, North Carolina & Independence.
    The_First_Harbinger (teammate),
    A teammate in one of Rolkasa's teams
    Potential Ships to be used: Bismarck/Tirpitz & Graf Spee.
    A player on the enemy team that Rolkasa will encounter,
    Ships to be used: Bogue, Enterprise
    Unamed hackers(antagonists), 
    IGRT's target of policing, their clan is [DRNCH] Drenched.
    Potential Ships to be used: Moskva, Khaba, Shimakaze, Yamato, Cleveland, Leander, Arizona, Warspite and Nelson.
    Again, I will gladly accept more forumites to be in my story. /^_\\
    1. The_first_harbinger


      Wut? Hackers don't use broken memes like Kutuzov, Belfast and Saipan? What kind of Hacker is that?!


    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      Or hack in the super fair and balanced senjo or Kitkat. XD