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  1. Thinking of doing that story that I've always wanted to do now that I knocked out all the requested stories but I need your assistance in this story. It will be a WoWs random battle but the storyline will be based off NFS: Rivals.


    Link to further reading: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/profile/1010594299-rolkatsuki/?status=10351&type=status


    This is where you guys come in, I just need your permission to use your names in the story, you can choose to either be, a teammate or in the enemy team in the random battle, the antagonists aka the hackers(unsure I don't like to make anyone the bad guy), or be with me and the IGRT aka the protagonists(limited positions).


    If the story is well praised, a sequelwl will follow.


    And enjoy this nendoroid model of Kiso someone got me~ /^.\\


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    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      dibs on hot lesbian love interest :p

    3. YeOldeTraveller


      If you need a potato in any capacity, you are free to use my name.

      You can use the name even if you don't need a potato. :Smile_teethhappy:

    4. khaenn35