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  1. it's being a while but here is another story hope you guys enjoy it~ /^.\\ 



    Zao, the heavy cruiser Kanmusu sat at a bench over looking the island's port from a small hill, she is currently the most advanced cruiser that the commander has ever stationed at the naval district her hard stats alone beginning to blur the line between CAs and some battleships even, her braided side locks frames her face as she sits with her right shin above and across her left knee as she looks up in the sky catching some fresh air as part of a break in the day before her sortie. "Fuuaaahhh..." she sighed in relief, She leaned back on the bench with her hands on the back of her head, thumbs entwined her low ponytail in a fiddling manner as she spawn thoughts of preparation for the next sortie.

    Kako came into sight, walking on the footpath that goes past the bench that Zao was sitting on, through she has several difference from her usual Kai Ni appearance, the most noticeable trait that catches Zao attention is that Kako's Hair is tied in twin-tails like Zuikaku's except with red ribbons, her side bangs that touches her collar bone is now wrapped up in a dark blue bandages that the ends of her hair are shaped like the exhaust flames of a turbojet engine. Kako's white and dark blue sailor fuku crop top is absent from her and instead wears her black sarashi bandages like a one strap crop top that wraps over her right shoulder, chest and going as low that the hem of the makeshift crop top just sit at the midpoint of her ribcage's depth or roughly 3 inches above her navel. 

    The confused Zao waved at Kako as a form of a little greeting "O-Ohaiyo Onee-chan~" Kako waved back and plop herself on the bench excitedly next to her fellow heavy cruiser kanmusu with news she just got remodeled after breakfast at the factory again for the third time after doing a night sortie. Zao upon hearing this news, asked a rhetorical question as a refresher to her mind about if she was a Kako Kai San now. "Yes, that's right Zao~" Kako confirmed as she nodded giving the thumbs up to Zao, smiling cheerfully with a brief giggle to go along with it. The 2 heavy cruisers enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere as the winds gently whistled through the leaves of some nearby trees and the waves of the ocean crashing on the island's shores. 

    After a good 7 minutes of both kanmusus admiring peace, Kako tells Zao that she's going to have to sleep soon as she yawns covering her mouth before asking what she's up to later on in the day, Zao informs Kako that she's got a sortie that involves patrolling the waters of the forward island firebases for any abyssal activity, Kako nods replying with a rather stoic ok, Zao re-assures her Onee-chan with a kiss to her visible eyelid followed by a big hug. "Ah no need to make a big fuss, I'll be with a couple of destroyers and the main role for my up coming sortie is patrolling not engaging the enemies directly, I'll be sure to run away if they have the numerical advantage". Kako then nods and nuzzles Zao's cheek "okaiis then hehe~ have a safe sortie~" Zao replied Kako's nuzzles by patting her head. She pondered about Kako's new equipment as she is now in her 3rd remodel but is yet to see her with her rigging on, so Zao ask her about her remodeled equipment.

    "Ah yes that's right!" Kako said excitedly "I was supposed to tell you these things~", Kako went on to explain how her number 1 and 2 main batteries are now triple mounts like Zao's, her 3rd turret was removed to free up space for more AA and that she can fire F3 torpedoes now and her secondaries have being upgraded to the new 100mm DP guns, the same ones that Akizuki-chan has as her main batteries but only 2 turrets. After hearing all of this Zao nodded and was nothing short of being impressed with Kako's third remodel, despite Kako being one of the weakest CAs in service she's also the most experienced, regularly at every main battle and sortie that spearheaded the Commander's strategy.

    Kako got up from the bench and stretches, her fists reaching for the skies as she yawn, oblivious to the fact that Zao still seated at the bench was in awe sighting at Kako's cute yawning pose. "Well... time for me to sleep Zao" Kako said as she turn around to face Zao "I need to rest up for my next night sortie which could be tonight ehehe~ I do hope your sortie goes well". Zao nearly forgot about her sortie "ah yes, my sortie, I-I need to get ready for that, so I'll be off too", Kako giggled then nodded and gave Zao one last hug before heading to her quarters, "Bai bai Zao~ hope we can talk again hehe~" Zao hugged Kako back too, "Goodnight Onee-chan, pleasant dreams". The two cruisers went in opposite directions on the footpath with a sleepy Kako continuing her way hoping to get into bed real soon and Zao walking the path in the direction to where Kako came from making her way to the island shores with a patrol sortie to do.


    so this is a tribute to and a request made by a very dear friend of mine, @Mental_Model_Zao I hope you like the story I wrote about us 2. 

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      *cries happy tears and nods.* kawaii~