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  1. Another story apologies if you find it rather short it gets dark too, but was written as requested by @SgtSullyC3 a tribute to them.
    In the middle seemingly boundless of dead floating Kanmusu and Abyssal bodies during the aftermath of a large scale battle that took place at sea between the 2 sides, the Destroyer Kanmusu, Murakumo, was caught in a headlock by a Ri-class heavy cruiser, the wounded but still hostile cruiser tighten her grip of the helpless destroyer as she clenches her right fist in an attempt to snap Murakumo's neck, while her jaws of her left hand held her in place on the exhausted destroyer's torso. The little Kanmusu fidgeted weakly attempting to free herself from the clutches of the Ri-class, but it was no use, most of her energy was used up during the 3 hour long battle, she banged her elbow on the ribs and stomped on the feet of the much larger abyssal, but the limits of the destroyer's stamina was just over pushing it and failed to even faze the Ri-class who had this demonic smile on her eerie shaded white face as her prey start to show signs of being in even more pain. But unknowingly to the two just 15 meters behind them, a mortally wounded Kanmusu with much effort took aim, unsteadily, at the Abyssal with her remaining functioning 8 inch gun in a turret on her right hand, her aim was obscured by the blurry red vision as blood dripped down her face from her eye. 
    Murakumo heard the gunshot behind her, before the abyssal's grip on her suddenly dissappeared followed by the lifeless Ri-class falling into the water beside her with a large gunshot wound on the once hostile's back barely hitting the left side. The now freed destroyer turned to look behind her and saw a dying kanmusu cruiser floating sprawled out on the water, apart from messed up eye and her torn clothes this other kanmusu had most of her left arm shot off, left foot mangled beyond recognition and her right leg up to her knee seemed blasted off, blood poured from these wounds causing the water around her to dye in red as smoke freshly exited from the barrel of the recently fired 8 inch gun turret still being hold onto by her right hand. Murakumo ran and held her rescuer on her lap and teared up as the destroyer's tear dripped into the cruiser's wounded eye. "Onee-chan! Wuuu...!" Murakumo cried in agony.
    "Please Mura... -chan... scuttle... me..." on her painful dying last breaths the cruiser smiled, letting go of her turret, causing it to sink down the sea and shakily reaches for Murakumo's cheek, knowing her state, she cannot be save on the spot or even on the return journey back to their base along with the fact she needs to be put out of her constant pain...
    "Ye-yes Kako... al-alright then..." Heasitantly, Murakumo nodded wipping her tears away as the destroyer laid Kako gently back down on the water and slowly got up, she engaged her torpedo tubes at her fellow kanmusu, close friend, a saviour and a big sister like idol. The destroyer shed a tear as it trickled down her cheek beside her clenching teeth as she fired a salvo of torpedoes putting an end to Kako's infuriating pain, her now mangled body drifts lifelessly trailing more blood into the depths of the seas at peace with the others that have lost their lives fighting a battle just so others like Murakumo can live on.
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      *cries* uwaaaa..... onee-chaaaaan....