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  1. HMAS Onryou, a Fog Mogador class super destroyer in RAN service patrols the Pacific Ocean, Kako and the ship's AI mental model Yokona are in the bridge.


    Kako: I think something's up. /o_\\

    Yokona: yeah...?

    Kako: I think there's gonna be a war with a renegade group of fleet of fog WWI ships that they awoken from the depths of the North Atlantic.

    Yokona: hmm...? that is illogical...?

    Kako: I know right? />.\\

    Yokona: I don't know much, I just assume control of this destroyer... but that is illogical...

    Kako: If there's one thing Commander told me, it's "Never awaken shipwrecks from their final resting place" /;o_\\ 


    1. Carrier_Lexington


      *sits back below the decks of Arleigh Burke and laughs* Those poor ships won't know what hit them