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  1. Kako and Yokona can be seen guarding the entrance to WG's HQ in Cyprus.


    Yokona: This is a nice job we are in...

    Kako: It's fantastic Yokona-chan~ /^_\\

    Yokona: stand near Wargaming's headquarters... but don't ever enter it...

    Kako: and if anyone looks at the building mfufufu~ its a violatioooon~! /^.\\

    Yokona: affirmative...

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    2. Carrier_Lexington


      *sneaks past the napping Kako*

    3. SullyQuindarius


      *sneaks in through a broken window and tiptoes through piles of overturned desks and smashed computer monitors in the CV development office*

    4. Carrier_Lexington


      *starts repairing the broken monitors and unflipping the desks in the CV development office, then goes and looks for secret missile info*

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