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  1. here's another short story dedicated to more long time friends I've met 
    Kako walk up the gang plank onto the main deck of the Fog variant of a WWII destroyer, Mogador-class, it's name, "HMAS Onryou" displayed on the stern of its black hull that glows with blue and white lighting from its distinct patterns.
    It was nice and sunny at the docks, sun shined on the windows of nearby ships moored along the concrete pier, sky was cloud free as Kako looked at a heavily damaged but... a familiar submarine in the distance further into the island base that is particularly obscured by the drydock that the boat is in, Wolf boys from Talon's department of maritime repairs and engineering can be seen with blow torches and safety masks on welding parts on the sub. 
    Content with what she saw, seeing Pilot's submarine finally undergoing repairs, the Kanmusu opened the hatch and ventured into her Fog super destroyer after closing the hatch.
    "Tadaima~!" She called down the ship's corridor as she started walking down as a smile so bright painted across her face, Kako's greeting was met by two "welcome home"s coming from the mess room by the easily identifiable voices of her boyfriend and their daughter. She followed the voices to the sources into mess room and is greeted at a doorway by a hug and a kiss to the lips by Pilot. "Welcome back Kako-chan!" Said Pilot, with a grin cuddling her, he was a tall military man with a short military dark brown crop hair parted to the right, that's opposite to Kako's long layered black hair tied in a ponytail at the back, reaching her waist and bangs hanging over her left camera sensor of an eye.
    "Hai Hai Pilot-kun~" Kako said, Pilot hugged Kako affectionately as she in return wrapped her arms around his waist and stroked his back, over his shoulders she sees their daughter smiling at her, neko ears flickered happily waving at Kako from working on putting a ship model together. She worn her typical off shoulder brown sweater coupled with a black tight skirt, her tail swish delighted from behind the stool she sat on. The now curious & cheerful kanmusu made her way around to her daughter inspecting the ship model she was building, while Pilot chuckled walking back to sit at the table adjacent of where their daughter is and went about painting his miniatures, his recently painted Warhammer 40k dreadnought stood on the table in a pose like it's going to war beside a Spacemarine miniature that he got back on painting.
    "Hello Kotono-chan~ which warship are you making now?" Kako rested her hands on her daughter's shoulders as she looked on as she carefully assembled the model ship. Kotono smile and replied "the USS George Washington, a Nimitz class...~" Kako nodded and patted Kotono's head "wow a supercarrier!" She exclaimed as Kotono giggled and blushed a little from from her head being patted and in return she runs her tail along Kako's leg. Pilot finished up painting his miniature then stood up carefully setting out his miniatures further down the table to let the paint dry.
    "Well I gotta sleep now guys, got a sortie this coming midnight, Kako could you please look after my miniatures till tomorrow morning?" He said as Pilot comes up to her and gently squeezes Kako's shoulder. "Mm-hm, sure thing, goodnight Pilot-kun~" Kako nodded, followed by an exchange of good nights between Kotono and Pilot, he kissed the top of their daughter's head before he walked out of the mess room and towards Onryou's captain quarters. Kako sat where Pilot was, admiring his paint job on the miniatures through she turned to look at Kotono who was immense in the model, despite being adopted, Kotono's had the same blue eyes as Kako and Pilot's hair color.
    "Ehehe...~ what wrong Kako?" Kotono looked back at her mother confused. "Iieeee! Nothing, was looking at the pictures on the wall" feeling awkward, the Kanmusu imnstantly looked at the framed photos on the wall behind Kotono as the neko giggled and got back to the ship modeling, there was several pictures, in the middle was one that stood out from the rest which Nyagato took, a family photo with the Japanese garden in the background, It had Kako, Pilot and Kotono in the middle, they were all smiling, Kako was holding a bottle of ice coffee, Pilot was walking his Corgi and their daughter was doing peace signs on both sides of her face a bit closer to the camera. Kako nodded at the relatively old, but good memory with her boyfriend and daughter.
    Just a tribute to some pretty good RPs here. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it I got a couple more in mind that I wanna write up in the future so stay tuned. /^.\\ v