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  1. Here's a short write up story i did in tribute to one of my long time friends here:



    "She came back to base itching to meet her younger Brother whom she affectionately calls Ka-kun, she demounts her rigging, letting it drop lifelessly onto the sands as the Kanmusu walks with a slight exhaustion up the beach on the base's outskirts.
    Skies rain with pale purple and orange as the sun drops into a sunset behind the calm ocean's horizion, as the girl ran towards a adolescent man clad in a black hooded robe, she felt the excitement running through her active veins upon seeing a familiar figure get closer and closer, the Kanmusu waves her dominant left hand at her brother while her right arm whose wrist is adorned with black bandages stays in motion swinging back and forth in sync with her running posture, her blue skirt and her cropped sailor top futtered behind her like a flag in a high wind as she dashes through the breeze.
    The Kanmusu jumped at the hooded man, her arms extended with hands out and catches him in a warm huggle, the man too catches her in the midst of the glomp and wraps his arms around the girl's partially exposed waist that is somewhat obscured by the same black bandages too. The black, cladded man's stoic facial expression shifts to one with a content smile as he pulled his hood off his head showing smooth unusually friendy face somewhat covered by his long black hair.
    she kisses her brother's cheek and nuzzles her cheek gently like a happy little cat. He in returned stroke her long black hair that was tied in a long low ponytail with a red ribbon like a bow as if it was a present wrapping, her bangs hang over the left side of her face covering her left eye completely from view. He timidly brushed away her bangs looking with sorrow at the camera sensor that is in place of a missing blue, innocent eye that became toll in a war the Kanmusu was made to fight in.
    The Kanmusu concerned at her brother's course of action with the greeting, took his hand from her hair as the bangs fell back into place covering up her unusual feature, she gently squeeze his hand reassuringly and pat his shoulder with her other hand, the heavy cruiser tilted her head and smiled, giggling cheerfully as if the war didn't existed. Relieved, the Assassin Jedi patted her head, leaning in, to gently boop his forehead with her's as his elder sister closed her eye and leans back affectionately. 
    "Ka-kun, don't agonize over what I lack but enjoy what I still have" 
    She giggled, smiling brightly as she can be and huggled her younger brother.
    Kako nee-chan... 
    His mouth would only produced those in response as he knows what his big sister has being through the lost of her sisters, her left eye, her tendacy to show so much hatred for herself even at a petty mistake of hers and her PTSD of weeping for the lost of her only biological sister. Still she remained happy and bubbly looking up at her Brother with sheer contention." 
    Considering how good my write-ups get, there might by more in the future, this write-up is a tribute to a fellow forumer, long time friend, an impressive good writer in the english language, reoccurring divisionmate and at times someone that I consider a brother too me.
    Khaenn35, thank you for standing by me not just in the forum but outside of it too. /^_\\
    Other ideas for write ups tributing to other forumers but UC by RP relation to me, but in no particular order: 
    - Lover
    - Daughter
    - Sensei
    - younger sister
    - elder sibling(that also means if I tag a "-san" at the end of your name)
    1. Carrier_Lexington


      Awwww~ That's really sweet. ^-^ +1 for positivity

    2. khaenn35


      *hugs tightly* I love you too, sis.

    3. Mental_Model_Zao


      *Melts.* so beautiful.