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  1. I question the nature of opinions that the forum community has on my image if its good or bad. Like if im on good or bad terms with other forumers. Am I infamous troll like Stratos, and Kyogre, well liked by the community like Deshaafer and LWM, someone known for excelling in a particular area like my Sensei Wo_9 and their Iowa. Friend or not please comment on this status or pm me your thoughts on my represention to the forum community.


    I know Im not perfect and have ended a couple friendships here on a bad note on my fault and Im actively avoiding/blocked a forumer whom I was on good terms initially but had ptsd in a random match against them over a voice chat said otherwise and also major contribition to those issue would be that Im over apologetic and my tendency to self-loath... /-_\\


    again your opinions in the comments below or pm if good or bad would be well recieved in aiding my re-alignment of my image to the forum community. /^_\\

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      I have never had any problems with you, nor do I wish to have any at all. 

      Rarely do I ever pay attention to non-game related topics I didn't create, so I haven't seen too many of your posts. I can't pull myself to comment on your community image as I simply don't know it.

      Nothing seems to be wrong with the way you've been acting lately from what I've seen, though.