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  1. Good evening! *Hug*


    Sorry I couldn't catch-up with you in the morning, it was almost midnight and I had a long night at work.

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    2. Rolkatsuki


      Iieeee ehehe~ /;^_\\ its not often I get someone into my interest as you Lex

    3. Carrier_Lexington


      Oh, well, we just have similar interests ehehe~ murr I really like you. You're a super good person. #^-^#


      I have to go, though. :(

      I'll see you later.



    4. Rolkatsuki


      Ehehe~ thanks I see why you chat to me so much, you sound pretty good yourself too hehe~ /^.\\


      Okaiis bai bai then Lex /^_\\ /