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  1. So im considering a mechanical gaming keyboard now, well this one:

    Its logitech just to complete it with my G300S Optical gaming mouse which I programmed both shell types and most of the consumables on its additional buttons unless its on the 'U' key then its left there, so my dominant left hand is even more dedicated WASD(QWES) hacking.


    Anyone with experience with the G413 I would like to know what's it like thanks /^_\\

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    2. Carrier_Lexington


      Oh, really, it was just a little research. Nothing much hehe~ #^-^#


      Anyway, it's a significant improvement over the mk320, and it's really inexpensive for a gaming keyboard.


    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      The price seems to be a tad bit high compared to other frame-less mechanical switch keyboard options, and I don't know anyone who has enjoyed Logitech's soft Romer-G switches (long travel to actuation, and rather soft for what they are). I've heard several people say USB 2.0 pass-through peripherals have occasional poor response time, but I've never had that issue myself. 

      The keyboard is low enough of a profile that the desk can be a wrist rest, so I don't see any problems there.


      If that's what you want to get, go get it.

    4. Mental_Model_Zao


      (warning, personal bias)


      I got a Razer Black Widow v2 with the yellow switches and i bloody love it. ^^