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  1. Some people are too sick to communicate decently to other people not just the op in this thread and jump to conclusions there needs to be a mental test in which will be on how you interact and approach other people before registering your WG acc to the forums 


    1. The_first_harbinger


      I guess it's only in video game forums like this one that people can trash-talk like this and get away scot-free...

      Or they are just too impatient to type in more words because they really want to jump back in the game after they finished complaining...

    2. Carrier_Lexington


      That guy is really a jerk. I've very rarely seen you angry, but I can understand why.


      I hope that this fool's foolishness doesn't detract from your day, Rolkatsuki.

    3. Rolkatsuki


      ehehe I'll be fine Lex but thanks for looking out for all I'll be out HvZing afternoon /^.\\