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  1. Sometimes I wonder if everything french will get the 20% engine boost the french cruisers get *looks at Le Terrible the fastest DD of all time at 45kt thinks about the +5% speed flag too* so 45kts × 1 (0.20 + 0.05) = 56.25kts wait... that's faster than the Fletcher's stock(Benson's top) torpedoes!!! /;°_\\

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    2. Battleship_60


      I do want the French DDs but I kinda want the French BBS first...

    3. Rolkatsuki


      Ah yes! Those as well /^.\\ Im excited for the Richelieu, Jean Bart, Alsace designs and whatever is at tier 10 mounting those 45cm guns /o_\\ my Dunker captain will captain them all!

    4. Battleship_60