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  1. Rolkatsuki

    What are the best cruisers?

    Probably stalingrad I mean the ship better be worth it if its gunna take a fair amount of rare steels to acquire it.
  2. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    what a drunk guy sees when their dog bite's at santa's rear end.
  3. 7uQTQqI_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

    Finally here's my Kako Christmas outfit hehehe~ /^.\\ what's the best part of my outfit? 

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    2. 7_3_PowerStroke


      y no problem sis. Your drawings are worlds better than mine...

    3. Rolkatsuki


      Aww don't compare your drawings to mine, we start somewhere like I started drawing 15 years ago.

    4. Ace6steel


      im not that good at drawing...im good at other things but you have a knack for some things

  4. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Whoops wrong address
  5. Watch me push for my team and eat the living daylights out of the enemy cruisers "who needs reload booster when you have all these lucky salvos": 

    in other news I finish the christmas me drawing and finelined too, all I need to do is scan it before uploading /^_\\

    1. 7_3_PowerStroke


      I look forward to seeing this. +1 on the replay btw

  6. Rolkatsuki

    Just got Nelson and man do I love it! when do we get Rodney?

    Don't make yourself the main target to anything that can overmatch your 25mm all round hull especially if they are very close, unless you absolutely have to. Thankful all its main batts are at the front so no reason to go flat out out broadside(unless you're turning around to retreat from your failed push on that side of the map, if that's the case time the turn to not get cit'd or at least keep it to a minimal). Use HE on anything except broadside cruisers and close range broadside BB. If Rodey comes out maybe out with the superheal for normal heal and another consumable.
  7. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    What every guy wants to see on front of their bed.
  8. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Ugh... too much ships in one go isn't so good for me...
  9. I apologies for the Kako christmas outfit and the 4th gear KAKO story segment delays, I've being playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey *is keeping the Brawler's torso on Kassandra because is a cute crop top with awesome shoulder padrons* /^.\\

  10. Wouldn't mind a defensive secondary fire that temporary speeds up reload time and improves accuracy of secondaries for BB's in need of gimmicks.
  11. Rolkatsuki

    Upcoming ship lines

    Im only excited for the French DD line, but looks like to me we are either getting RU BBs or Italian cruisers next.
  12. When you damacon the flooding caused by an enemy DD's torps and you see CV planes appearing from the storm flying towards you with enough payload to kill you 2 times over you remaining health:




    1. Ace6steel


      Every time i’m In a battleship and I see a broadsiding scrub


    2. yungpanda


      The "dead man walking" feeling is real... xp

  13. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea

    *licks his face excitedly then curls up and sleeps in his arms* /=,\\
  14. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea

    *stops and jumps off the roof and down on the ground towards Kitashi leaping onto him* hhh~! Hhh~! /^,\\
  15. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    No my hair ish not fairyfloss!