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  1. im actually excited for asymetric battles, finally something else to look forward too instead of ops.
  2. you have not seen a toxic gaming community until you dip your feet into the WMMT community.
  3. Rolkatsuki

    Guns not shooting

    had this bug the whole match in Raptor Rescue, my Zieten couldn't fire my guns, torpedoes or even prioritize targets with secondaries & intead pings the minimap, so I had to sail around being a borked secondary barge. it is frustrating! 20230506_113329_PGSB208-Zieten_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  4. yesh! I made it to Lord Holland's channel!


  5. imagine a submarine spider line in wows for in the commonwealth tech tree


  6. Rolkatsuki

    What is Lighthouse Build and its benefits?

    benefits: phenomonal HE dpm. drawbacks: concealment is totally neglected to the point that its worse than your stock concealment. I got a Jingles youtube link to my Lighthouse build Henri IV replay in my forum signature.
  7. I cant believe I've being sleeping on this meme worthy ship setup for ages now, 1st Ops battle in her, I got into Defense of Naval Newport, mind you this match took place a few days back and I got my torps reload time down to just over 35 seconds: It got me wondering is there anyone out there, preferrably more experienced, that runs this absurdly fun Oland setup in Operations, thats willing to share their tales too?
  8. Oland with stock torps(note reload time of stock torps) with upgrade slots specced for torps, plus Jerzy Swirski whom is fully trained for torpedoes (note his Torpedo Armament Expert talent) is some of the most meme build stuff I've ever tested in Operations:


  9. Rolkatsuki

    Who have you seen in game

    saw @HazeGrayUnderway in a operations match earlier today, can't exactly remember defining details, but you were in a CV(Hornet or Enterprise) in a division with 2 other players. didn't realise you where in my team until match end.
  10. Rolkatsuki

    Who have you seen in game

    thanks, somehow I did all that with a sub 800 health as one of the BBs from the 1st wave nearly deleted me for rushing out of the fletcher's smoke so aggressively. you too man, good job youself.
  11. warp speed planes occurs every time in my experience in Ultimate Frontier since the ops rework. however in one of these ops matches I had, the Omaha twins did spawn after we sank the US BBs, but the Phoenix group didn't spawn at all. I think it comes down to how long it takes to kill the BBs, too much time wasted trying to sink the Indy and the 3 BBs then the Omahas wont spawn, Phoenixes wont spawn either if you take longer to kill the Omahas as well.
  12. Rolkatsuki

    Is Cherry Blossom doable with all T6 ships?

    I actually did Narai, Cherry Blossom and Hermes with only tier 6-7 ships with a full division team formed with a bunch of the guys from the in-port Operations chat. And we only won Narai once with some of the secondary tasks completed, the other 2 ops are utter nightmares especially Hermes, every1 was dying when Ruan need us most.
  13. hello guys been a while since I posted these status updates, I still play ships almost everyday just only operations.

    Im still largely involve in my not local but my state wide wangan community, hence why Im pretty quiet here, through that might bite me in the back as it has being part of gang land wars between rivalling state communities because of the very toxic nature of this playerbase.

    There is a chance that my safety might be at risk mid-March next month because of this, but being quiet in the public level, not engaging in toxic activities against said rivalling state communities and my ability to opt out of this safety risk beforehand this chance remains very very low.

    Through I feel a sense of protecting my fellow members, friends...

    1. Wolfswetpaws


      Thanks for posting an update.
      It's been good knowing you.
      Personally, I'd like you to live and remain a healthy member of this community, too.
      It seems you're drawn to a situation you care deeply about and want to help.
      Such sentiments speak well of you.

      Whatever you decide upon, I hope for and wish you the best possible outcome.  :Smile_honoring:

  14. he rides on my Cossack, I never prop his witherer talent since I only play Ops nowadays.
  15. Rolkatsuki

    Is Lutgens Worth The Coal?

    Lutjens is the best commander that the Armory has to offer, not only is he good any any german ship, all his talents are can activate in coop or operations not just in randoms or rank.