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  1. My rudder build Henri gets jumped on every now and then by stealth build Conquerors and montanas but thats ok because when I see them suddenly appear 12-14km away firing their cylinders at me I just press the AS or SD keys and they miss their shots the dodging is more pronounced with engine boost active. I generally like the idea of stealth build BBs it encourages or makes them push up and fufile their supposed intended role.
  2. How to buy Enterprise

    Enterprise may come back to the premium store at intervals unknown to us through welcome to the forums /^_\\ b
  3. Dido-Class Cruiser

    While not looking like a strong British cruiser captain trainer like the belfast ever was, it's training program is more akin to that of would be captains for the upcoming British DD line.
  4. bad managment

    Come back when its weekdays, cause weekend brigade is here.
  5. Would be nice for DEs to come in the game essentially a line of tier 1 cruisers or Katories through I believe WG won't have anything smaller than a full fledge DD come into a game or at least player operated.
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    You Ex just called, she wants her eye back.
  7. I like and support these ideas /^.\\ i know how bout the ability to save a signal flap loadout then when you unlock a ship while grinding down the line you can just click once and all the signals you selected in the loadout will go all automatically onto the ship instead of clicking which signal flag to put on like 8 times.
  8. *Kako dresses up her pet Reaper Leviathan with cat ears, tail and paw knits and collar with a bell* now you are a Reaper Nyaviathan fufufu...~ /^_\\

  9. Fr BB secondary or no?

    General its something to think long and hard about while the performance of the secondaries are definitely something to not look down upon on french BBs with the Republique's one outperforming those on the GK... Along with French BB armor which is allergic to HE spam meaning you are a bigger easier target as you get close to use you 2ndaries, I find that their secondaries just get destroyed more easier than those on BB's of other nations.
  10. Caption the profile image above you.

    What Bae is like when you accidentally grind her gears.
  11. Lol now I wanna AA spec some of my BBs for stuff like this /^,\\
  12. Caption the profile image above you.

    Mmmmm foood...~
  13. I guess its back to business for WG's wows development department. if I had a dd coming out of my development process oven that can do as much as 100k damage in 10 seconds with just its guns firing AP on another broadside ship... I'll be like "OMG! put it back in! it's clearly not done yet!" But its still up for debate, it could have been different if you where bow/angled in to the Harugumo and the said ship is long and wide hand cant hide easily as a Gearing or Shima and like other DD especially this one for its cumbersomeness its doesn't like being prescribed with Radar.
  14. The BB horns of tier 7-8 something thats deep and tough sounding but not too deep that it sounds like a muffled growling tiger.
  15. I wouldn't say equal credit to actual damage but something near there like somewhere between 75 - 90% credit/xp payout of actual damage Oh and if it's not done yet already WG how bout a fix on the reward payout on damage done by team on a enemy ship whose engine or rudder you incapacitated.