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  1. It really doesn't look like the development team communicates with their branches outside the RU server. />.\\
  2. Caption the profile image above you.

    Cute girls using swords, what's not to like about it.
  3. +1, newbies needs more players like you, you give them hope and a positive impression. Thanks for being helpful to one in need /^_\\ b
  4. The enemy team was very yummy for my Republique to eat, especially the devastating strike on the DD because it's usually the DD that get that achievement: https://replayswows.com/replay/20345#video

  5. Good food, oh yes definetly they fed me sushi, candy cookies and rice balls from what I know of.
  6. When you see the team lineup in a match you just loaded into, you see a unicum on the enemy team, you both know each other and that they are better than you and they say hai to you in the global chat: 


  7. So next month my sister will be at that age where she'll be able to drive so mum is looking to buy a small car that she can used for her learners she called me over and showed me this compact SUV from 2004 and asked for my suggestion so I showed her a car that made her rant lol /^.\\

    "What the heck is this!?"




  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    When your ship has unicum written all over it.
  9. Kronshtadt's Supertest Changes

    Terrifying! i think the changes can do without Radar or a radar with a very crappy active time just to assist the captain's situational awareness
  10. WG has done an interesting take on the Massachusetts buffing damacon and 2ndary range and nerfing main gun sigma. Whenever it was a step in the right direction remains to be seen, through I reckon more changes are needed for this wip ship.
  11. I lurve my Fletcher <3 <3 <3

    Such a versatile DD I tend to see them still living at end games more so than gearings.
  12. Aigle fan club thread

    I single handedly pushed the north side of the map, engage the gaede first causing him to disengage from the fight as he wasn't trading well against me, I then spam HE like nuts at the Dunkirk, that after losing 3 quarters of his health he tried shioting me, until he died this was all done why being harrassed by the enemy CV player whom I help the Bayern kill, assaulted their base killing their Gaede there started capping.
  13. The cute Kako-chan bumps the thread *happy Kako noises* /^_\\
  14. I really like your avatar what's the idea behind making/picking it? /^.\\