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  1. My colbert as even more... unlimited power!
  2. Rolkatsuki

    Le Terrible

    https://replayswows.com/replay/83727#stats would be awesome if someone put my solo warrior le terrible game on youtube
  3. Rolkatsuki

    Thunderer - Ranked - nice

    nice, very solid high damage rank game
  4. Rolkatsuki

    PLACE YOUR BETS 9.3 Ship cost

    apart from the nerf french detection, I do agree on the utility of smoke, radar and hydro Smaland brings to the team. Marceau has def AA but not a solid enough to make up for it. I guess it can be ultra close range support ship to friendly dds contesting caps and can reasonably stealth torp better than kleber can.
  5. Rolkatsuki

    9.3 Armory change reminder

    so I clicked on Marceau stats link which led me to wows gamer blog's interpretation of Marceau's wip stats, problem is under the consumables it list the speed boost as +8%, don't french DDs especially being high up and smokeless at tier X get something around like +20% speed boost, its listed as +20% on wows fitting tool website.
  6. Rolkatsuki

    What was your best salvo ever?

    49470 hit on a broadside Nagato at 8km, with my Dunkerque
  7. Here is a never seen before photo of the cross nation ship breeding that takes place in WG's development lap, where the devs are trying to make new russian cruisers for the upcoming sub branch. 


  8. Rolkatsuki

    Skill point advice for my Aigle

    I barely run Aigle much only bring her to ops sometimes, I have the damage build on a honore captain pretty fun in Aegis when you can get on the sides of those convoy escorts and open up on them with AP in smoke while they are spotted by the friendly convoy
  9. Rolkatsuki

    Le Terrible

    recently got Solo Warrior in her. the 2nd time ever of my 4+ years playing this game I got this achievement.
  10. Rolkatsuki

    World of Tanks

    WoT NA central server's ping is really bad for me compared to WoWs NA server's one. The playerbase there is incredibly unhealthy on how they communicate with each other not as bad as LoL's playerbase but comes off worst compared to you guys here. some of them are very sensitive to friendly collisions and will shoot back at you despite the removal of team damage. the toxicity of combine with the aging longliverty of the playerbase and when they spill out suggestions pretty much assisted WG in damaging their flagship product. compared to ships, tanks leans more onto fastpace action, reflexes and reaction time than thinking and positioning. What age group fulfills that criteria? kids. what other fastpace games do these kids play? fortnite, cod, overwatch counterstrike and all that mainstream fps games then you look at their playerbase, bad. this is in imo, apologies if you're offended in anyway by reading this, my intention wasn't to offend anyone but to vent out my bad experiences playing WoT when forum thread title just full on did a memory surge on my brain. *rant over*
  11. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.

    halp! get me out of this giant ice cube!
  12. Rolkatsuki

    I forgot to look around and got tunnel vision so....

    the ability to not tunnel vision regularly will come around eventually, you'll learn it.
  13. Rolkatsuki

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    as of its current wip stats, I'd say yes it's worth it because solely on it having Kleber's pre-nerf concealment the more mobile guns is just an added bonus.
  14. Rolkatsuki

    Colbert Fan Club Thread

    ^ranked my colbert replay on Lord_Zath's stream and the battle report from that replay:
  15. Rolkatsuki

    Caption the profile image above you.