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  1. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    *we get off the next exit ramp past several car dealerships which included Nissan, Holden & Chysler.* (iieeee...! idk what to put in the letter since it was put down by one of your characters. I don't wanna godmod that kind of stuff /;o_\\)
  2. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    *drives away from the track in a hurry and takes the next ramp to the freeway* Do u kno de freewae? wow true! these are indeed fancy looking envelopes~ /^.\\ *I say as I pick the one with my name on it up inspecting the envelope's beauty before carefully opening it and unfolding the letter to read it*
  3. Rolkatsuki

    DevBlog 337 - New Map — Closed Testing

    new maps is always needed and welcome, like the predecessors before me in this thread have said, gotta balance it as its gonna favour one team more than the other.
  4. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    some lady put some papers on the table over there then just vanished! /°,\\ *I said back to Donskoi as hurried over to the table* ehehehe~ /^.\\ *drives pass the race track on our way to the car dealership and sees a couple cops there* hmmm that abandon race track has being drawing notoriety recently... /'_\\ *I say to Nyagato pointing at the cops there*
  5. *me in a BB when a bunch of smoke approaches me* D'awww its a baby cyclone~


    *the two Italian DD division that's chaining the smoke*

    Why Do Magpies Swoop? Here's What You Need to Know About Magpie Swooping  Season in Australia


  6. Rolkatsuki

    wut about graff spee in ops?

    being too slow and shoots slowly doesn't justify it having heal and torps when it comes comes to ops every other cruiser and their t5 predecessor will out perform it in ops.
  7. magpies got a buff, not good with swooping season coming very soon!
  8. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    *seeing the car is not really a threat my attention goes to the letters placed on tge table by the Mysterious woman* hey guys you may wanna check these out! *I called to them as I stored my shotgun away on my back and ran towards the table with the letters on them* *Reverses out of the garage doing a J-turn setting the W557 into the direction of where we heading and drives off* /^_\\
  9. Rolkatsuki


    XD me a river, not all teams can be carried.
  10. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    once you're buckled in, we'll begin pulling out of the garage right! *walks up next to the chrysler pointing my gun at the backseats*
  11. Rolkatsuki

    When will there be a Submarine tech tree?

    you're probably looking around at the end of this year or early next year if I hazard to guess. I wounder what the french submarine line will be like? Surcouf is likely to be a prem.
  12. Rolkatsuki

    Weimar - way too over powered

    Narai might need a rework not Weimar. the bot ships there that spawn are not randomnized like in Aegis and each of them always spawn at same spot unlike the bots in Naval Newport.
  13. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    ( nice, you can take a pic of the setup with your phone or tablet upload the image to the imgur website(it can be a private post) so you grab the image link and post it here) *is shocked and pulls the car behind the now stationary Chrysler and opens the door* !... wow *gets out and draws out my breecher shotgun pointing it at the car*
  14. Rolkatsuki

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    *keeps the car steady behind the suspect holographic car* *turns on the engine and gives it a good rev, the the overly tuned LSA engine roars and growls from the engine bay, rattling the interior as I rev right to the red line*
  15. 400k plus damage game in Narai:



    1. Wolfswetpaws


      Woohoo!  :cap_like:

    2. wolfkind252


      I got 114k in the Clemson last night :)