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  1. Out of all the matches I had in ships this is the one that makes me rage the most. 


  2. I'll be off guys catch yous laters~ *hugs everyone then sets sail on my fog large destroyer waving from the bridge* /^_\\ /
  3. Okaiis~ *nods* thats good hehe~ /^_\\
  4. Was expecting a clickbait of a gif of the dd kamikaze bouncing off a friendly ship in a ram. But wow~ /;^,\\
  5. *bows under her patting my head* teehee~ did'cha had a good sleep? /^_\\
  6. *cuddles Onee-chan and rest on her lap stretching* hnnnggg! Haii Onee-chan~ \ /^.\\ /
  7. *wakes up* good morning all~ /^_\\ /
  8. No pringles here
  9. well I gotta go nows actually *kisses Pilot and hugs everyone else* bai bai guys see ya all laters~ *dresses back in my skirt and black sarashi and sorties out with my rig on* /^_\\ /
  10. okaiis~ *I start walking to lead the way* *leans in quietly* nya...
  11. um hehe~ lets take it at the beach /^_\\
  12. *eats the treats then lays one Onee-chan feeling limp* I found him Enter-san hehe~ /^.\\
  13. *curls up in Onee-chan's arms* *smiles and walks out with Pilot* hehe~ /^_\\
  14. *we arrive right next to where the sub is dock* wait here while I'll see if Pilot's in there. *I walk up and into the sub*
  15. *walks out in my azur lane cosplay* yay photoshoot~ \ /^_\\ /