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  1. Well bed's calling me... *hugs and kisses Pilot's right eyelid* Goodnight Pilot-kun~ /^.\\ *smiles and heads off to ze comfy bed to sleep in* zzz... zzz... /=_\\
  2. Goodnight Onee-chan~ *takes her to her bed and tucks her in* sleep well~ /^_\\ Hehe~ *nods* okaiis Pilot-kun~ you can put them at the back of my HiLux, we're gonna be driving to the mine's entrance /^_\\
  3. *sets on my lap and pats Onee-chan's back* /^_\\ Yup, just beware I did a X-ray scan on the underground system, those explosive chibis reside deep in there so some weapons for defense would be advised Pilot-kun~ /^_\\
  4. Okaiis~ *kisses Pilot's hand and covers the right side of my face then peers my eye at Pilot between his fingers* because we're gonna journey into the depths of this abandoned underground mine. /^_\\
  5. D'awww Onee-chan's being a cute neko again hehehe~ /^.\\ *gently scratches under Onee-chan's chin* Mufufu~ *takes Pilot's hand and runs his fingers down along my face* if my Pilot-kun free tomorrow when I wake up? /^_\\
  6. Would buy back the Emile Bertin, and Saint-Louis had so much fun running them when I was grinding. I'll take my Henri IV to battle over my Des Moines and Zao, I never liked the DM's situational playstyle and my Zao i just didn't really like her, but Henri IV, I luv running around dodging everything and slinging HE back at those that question my existence as their adversary.
  7. *hugs back and wraps my arms round Pilot's waist* hnnngg~ /♡.\\ hug hug kukuku~
  8. Yup it's okaiis *nods* I understand Pilot-kun~ /^_\\ b Iiieee /;^_\\ so I see *nods under Onee-chan's patting*
  9. D'aww your plushies are adorbz /☆.\\ I got 3 plushies in my room too there's Usa-chan from Ouran, Sasuke from Naruto and my sister's friend got me a Mikasa Ackerman 1 when she went to Japan for her dad's business trip /^_\\
  10. Hai hai Pilot-kun~ *waves at cheerfully* hehehe~ /^.\\ / *rubs Onee-chan's back* I am very good Onee-chan thanks hehe~ /^_\\ b How you doing?
  11. *glomps* hai hai dear Onee-chan~! Hehe~
  12. I like it /^_\\ b We call them messenger bags, but there are some variations out there called book bags, its ok for you to use it you are only just simple trying to express yourself uniquely, everyone is different its what makes us all human /^_\\
  13. Yup same here my clan commander that I would div with cries about the fragility of the french cruisers' rudders it's a ship line flavor unfortunately, you should take final stand on all your french cruiser captains. I geared alot to my steering durability of these cruisers in terms of upgrades like steering gears mod 1 and 3.
  14. *comesback from sortie* good evening guys~ /^.\\ /
  15. it's okaiis, its all new to me, everyone starts from somewhere, mistakes at the early stages can be discouraging but it does happen, its part of growing up, being part of a communty... that's what is like to... images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS74YzAKx-xSz7qfUatgXK


    (Anime: Halo Legends Prototype)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rolkatsuki


      Im okaiis Ober-chan, just getting used to having my skulls taken, its just that I tend to self loath at my failures in game when I find out the prizes I had to pay which lead to me being sent back to port early... /×_\\

    3. Carrier_Lexington


      It's okay Rolkatsuki. I know I've done the same thing a lot of times. You're still a good person and player even if you do make a silly mistake every once in a while.

      Hug hug \^-^/

    4. Oberarzt_U511


      D: happens to the best of us