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  1. it was a big world and I thought I was bigger
  2. *takes Imouto-chan to bed aboard Onryou and tucks her in* goodnight Imouto-chan sleep well~ /^_\\
  3. *plays with her hair* hehehe~ /^.\\
  4. *nuzzles their shoulder* hehehe~ Ooo~ nice~! /^.\\ b hehehe~ Im pretty good thank you~ *nods* /^_\\ b
  5. *smiles too* hehe~ /^_\\ *hugs tightly too* /^.\\
  6. yay hehe~ \ /^,\\ / *gently rubs the back of Imouto-chan's head* /^_\\
  7. *strokes Imouto-chan's hair* /^_\\ ehehe~ hai there Nyachi-san, do you still mind me calling you Nyachi? /;^_\\ *pats head*
  8. ehehehe~ *scratches my cheek with my finger* /;^.\\ *hugs* hai hai /^.\\
  9. ehehehe~ /;^_\\ how? *blushes*
  10. DD's are cuter than heavy cruisers mufufu~ *takes Pilot to ze comfy bed and tucks him in and finishes up my ice cream* mmm~ goodnight Pilot-kun~ sleep well dear~ /6.\\
  11. *shakes my head* you're cuter~ /^_\\ mmm~ pretty yummuy~! hehe /^.\\ b
  12. *leans and mewing like a kitty* nyaaa~ /^.\\
  13. ehehe~ *curls up on Imouto-chan's lap* /^_\\ *leans in and purrs* murrr~ /^.\\
  14. yup okaiis~ *takes and tries Pilot's ice cream
  15. *noses Imouto-chan's cheek* /^.\\