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  1. CeltBlood

    CV's suck so bad now

    I was not an elite CV player but I have over 2K games in CV's... And I was looking forward to the new rework. But after playing a few games and I know the rework is only just out. But I am just totally ineffective. I don't know if I can hit anything just yet because I can't get a plane NEAR a ship. Constantly getting my whole Kaga 12 squadrons shot to pieces time after time. Like its not even funny anymore. The thing is even if I get into a bad spot I can't get away from the AA and flack in time. I plan to keep plugging away at it ... but this is not fun its just very very frustrating. I'm winning a few games but not because I contributed in any way... Mostly 0 points and massive plane losses. Last game I lost 67 planes managed to sink 1 ship a dd who was already trashed. and it was just blind luck he sailed into the torp. No skill on my part. I know players were worried about the new rework hurting the game balance... and being too OP lol but they have nothing to fear from me in a CV anymore. I feel like a flock of Geese during hunting season now. I got every HP buff and stealth for them and they still drop like flies. And a Kaga in T 10 forget it lol. Not being Salty just trying to convey my experience. And my total incompetence with the New CV's. IIIDK maybe its me so like I said I'll keep plugging away. Looked fun in the test room watcking the supertesters or CC's dropping Bots :) Oh well
  2. CeltBlood

    Unique Commanders

    The whole idea just seems way too impossibly unuseful. For first blood you get 1 extra consumable you may or may not use with a 1 in 24 chance of doing so. Second wind you might get a Kracken 0.5% of the time and it will arrive so late as to be of no real use. I mean if you already knocked over 5 ships you already carried the team and then you get a buff for like the last few mins of the game... Most people will never get a Kracken lol. Confederate achievement with William Halsey again a late game buff and really that late what will be left to shoot most times? 2X Strike...I got nothing lol... I only have a handful of 2x strikes in almost 12K games and to actually get a 2X strike ok the ships Halsey is on. The odds would be astronomical lol. But I did get tracers... which became a gun magnet :) I turned them off XD
  3. CeltBlood

    Unique Commanders

    You mean to tell me ... The Talents need to be activated everytime??? The consealed reserves is only activated per-game? And the second wind as well??? Makes no sense to get the second wind bonus for a kracken will take all game to get 5 ships and then its gone after that game??? What is the point of that?
  4. CeltBlood

    Unique Commanders

    I just activated Yamamoto's first special skill, by getting First Blood. He was on the Hosho and it has no consumables so no change visable there and when I got the first blood I was in over head map view so I did not notice any fireworks going off. I moved him to the Yamoto BB and there was no change in the amount of consumables on the BB... Before I start throwing doubloons at the problem by retraining and redistributing points. My question is does the unique commander have to br trained on the ship he is on or is there a glitch? Is there a way to see if it is actually activated in game? l don't see any obvious indicator that its actually been activated anywhere. Any insight would be appreciated.