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  1. Hello, Recently I created a spreadsheet that lists all tier 8-10 destroyers and cruisers and their respective statistics for fires per minute, that I would like to share to the forum community as a potentially useful tool. In the past I often wondered questions such as whether I should take Demolition Expert or Basic Firing Training on a gunboat destroyer to be able to set more fires. To answer this question I came up with the following equation: RPM x (1 - (1 - fire chance) ^ number of guns). Mathematical explanation in the spoiler box. Let's make a sample calculation. Take the Des Moines, tier X American cruiser, which has a rate of fire of 10.91, nine guns, and a base fire chance of 14%, or 0.14. In the equation, we get 10.91 * (1 - (1 - 0.14) ^ 9) = 8.103 fires per minute. However, this doesn't include other influencing variables. What if you have the Demolition Expert skill? What if your target's captain has the Fire Prevention skill? What if you are using a destroyer and have the Basic Firing Training skill? As you can imagine, the computation then becomes very complex. And don't forget ships have native tier-dependent base fire resistance coefficients! So I made a spreadsheet on Google Sheets that will do all the work for you. Here's a link, where you can copy my sheet to your own Google Drive. I have checkboxes that you are free to check or uncheck, that will apply some effect (BFT, DE, etc.) to the ship of your choice, and you can then see the change in your fires/minute calculation. Full list of features as of posting this forum topic: As this is an ongoing endeavor I'll do my best to keep it updated. Unfortunately, because Google Sheets treats marking checkboxes as editing the spreadsheet, I can only share this sheet by forcing users to make a copy of it, meaning if I change my sheet, updates will not propagate to copies of the sheet. This means users will have to periodically make new copies of the sheet. Anyways, any feedback, questions, requests, etc. are welcome. I discuss and post update/change notifications to the sheet in the [O7] Discord server so join us if you would like. Cheers, Silevern
  2. Silevern

    Balance Wargaming, not "balans".

    Simple reason for the super unicums underperforming in their Stalingrads compared to other TX cruisers is likely due to how much Stalingrads get focused in Randoms
  3. Silevern

    Epic Three Ship Division Ideas

    My friends and I did a double Tirpitz + Bismarck combo, just bum-rushing one of the capture points. Full secondaries spec for all three of us of course. It's a very hit-and-miss tactic but when it works you can shove through the enemy line and basically cause mayhem as enemies from other objectives either fall back to try to fight us or end up isolated from the rest of their team. Another time we tried double Benson and Fletcher, this was a long time ago before the excessive proliferation of radar. Basically one of us would smoke, the other would gunboat inside the smoke, and the third would go on spotting runs. None of us had any Russian DD's at the time so this technique could be refined with dedicated gunboats. I would imagine that something like a radar Minotaur, Gearing, and Harugumo would be pretty lethal at taking and holding capture circles.
  4. Agreed that the most reliable way seems to just get the More Resources XP containers. I was lucky enough to get two of the 15K coal supercontainers so that shortened my Musashi coal grind by a good amount. Don't forget that you can always convert steel to coal, unless you plan on getting a steel-only ship from the Arsenal. Personally I know there's no way I'm getting enough steel to get anything of worth so I'm including the steel in my calculations for coal.