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  1. This isn't my point, I dont even know if tier 7's have 32mm bow or aft plating and that's my issue here, boats that can VERY easily slot AP into your boat at any angle and do 50-80% of their shells max damage, while landing all of them in such a tight grouping is a very unfair thing to face and ruins a lot of dynamics in the dust to force lower armoured cruisers and BB's to island hop. It also gives tier 7 BB's incentive to distance themselves from objectives, making them functionally worthless to the team effort since if they're a tier 7 they likely have such poor sigma they can't really consistently peg targets with HE at their max range. In tier 8-10, for sure, the izumo, iowa and FDG are good examples of that, but they still have to put some work in to pen tier 7 cruisers, they can't just fire on an algerie or yorck at 12km bow on and get free high damage pens with AP. Sure they'll probably do more than their tier 8 counterparts but it's still more strategy choosing where to try hit with AP, instead of the 457+ getting free reign to click on you at any angle and land at least a few pens, if not overmatches. This is my point, I'm thinking this will become an ongoing trend and a tier 8, likely some kind of georgia with no speed boost will end up in tier 8, able to go against tier 6's with those behemoth guns, and with the armour profile of stuff like the leander, Dallas, new Mex and fuso they wont even have to load AP, HE could probably penetrate turret barbettes with ease. Most of you seem to be getting my point but some of you keep saying "it's fine agaisnt tier 8's." It's meant to be fine against tier 8's, that's where the cruisers, battleships, everything gets much more modernised and either heavier, more agile, or stealthier. They were always meant to be in a position of "this thing -COULD- be in a match with the yamato, hmmm" My problem is tier 7's never were, they're this awkward, sloppy mess of a class for BBs and Cruisers where experimentation was the key for most nations in their time of creations. I feel like I'm repeated a lot but the only tier 7 that could potentially cause 457+mm shells to even consider potentially breaking is the sinops bow, and even then that's a pretty unlucky shot.
  2. I've been noticing more and more lately that 18 inch guns are just getting free reign to win games when they're on tier 9 boats like the Georgia and musashi, these guns ballistics are rediculously good because they have so much interia they can just about bowpen anything that isn't a perfectly angled Russian BB. I feel like this trend will eventually creep down to tier 8 and I dread the thought of those things getting further and further down the tiers as premiums, making grinding literally every BB line, CL/CA line and possibly CV line a nightmare. the guns are gun, fun to use sure, it used to be literally all the Yamato had going for it (and it still does so the thing is more or less obsolete now) and I miss when that was it, other 18in armed BB's are equally if not moreso ridiculously accurate for the amount of damage they can output on target and seeing them so consistently wears down that "Oh no I should be more evasive" mindset cruisers usually have, forcing them into holdout positions behind islands way, waaaay more frequently. And it just isnt fun. is it just me? am I just imagining this as a way to make up for my slowly lowering winrate? I felt I should put the question out there