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  1. Clan Battle Guide

    We've won and lost against SALTY using the 1 DD lineup. I wouldn't call it better or worse, it still comes down who makes the most mistakes.
  2. Clan Battle Guide

    I think our current rank and WR proves that this works.
  3. Clan Battle Guide

    That definitely helps the grind. Although sometimes it can backfire because you are splitting your good players instead of having the 'A' team.
  4. Clan Battle Guide

    I remember -K- bringing at least one DD every game against us. Unless you are a secret member of SALTY. :Thinking: (which you are)
  5. Clan Battle Guide

    Week 1 of Clan Battle is over and week 2 starts tomorrow. I hope everyone paticipated enjoyed it, I sure did, if you struggled with it then this guide might help you out a little. If you haven't, grab a few comrades and set forth! The rewards are awesome, you get a ton of flags, a ton of camos, bonus doubloons, and a Stalingrad flag. Plus very nice xp and credits from battles to help you with commander and free xp grind. Alright, first thing first. Basic info: You'll need 7 players from the same clan, 1 being an officer, to paticipate in CB. 1 BB max, no CVs, and no limits on CAs and DDs. Season is about 2 monthes long, every Wed, Thur, Sat, and Sun from 17:00 PT (20:00 ET) - 20:00 PT (23:00 ET). You start at Squall League, and progress through Gale, Storm, and Typhoon is the highest league and your goal. Each league with 3 groups, If your points is high enough then you'll enter a round of BO5 to determine whether or not you can progress to the next league. Same thing if your points drop low enough. Knowing all this, you should be able to start a clan battle. Team Strat: Have everyone on the same voice-chat platform (ingame voice is fine), communication is the key. Nominate a shot-caller, he should be your best player with most experience with the game. Shot-callers must study maps and know what ships at where will perform best and have a general understanding of his player's skillset. Shot-callers must be vocal, flexible, and mature. Understand that if you are a new team, a loss is normal and try to learn what you can from it. Don't rage over it, not a big deal, you have 2 monthes more. Shot-caller's order are to be obeyed. If you have question, ask, but remember it's his responsibility if he makes the wrong call. No CVs means everyone should bring hydro to avoid being hit by torpedoes. Rotate radars and hydroes, rotate tanking, report fires, floodings, which ship is where, what the enemy wants to do, etc. Important infos should be shared asap and always remember you are a team. Lineups: Here's my thoughts on ships. BBs: Montana > Yamato > GK > Conqueror Montana is the best BB to take because of one reason. It can easily one-shot any T10 CA and deal consistant damage even if the CA player makes no mistake. It also got buffed recently with lower citadels meaning it'll do fairly well against Yamatos. Yamato comes next because of it's accuracy and power of AP shells. Landing 7 shells on a bow-on Des Moines? Check. 3 cits on a Moskva 17km away broadside? Check. If you have a good BB player, Yamato might be the ship for you. GK is.... well, not impressive. It can push very well, but most T10 CAs can also kite very well. On large maps, you'll feel extremely awkward. Other reasons including lackluster AP shells, poor accuracy, quite vulnerable to fires, and lack stealth. Don't use it unless you have no other choices. Conqueror, a well OP ship in pubs, imo doesn't live up to its name in CB. HE shells are ineffective against CAs because of RNG and the power of WASD. Very weak AP shells unless you take 457, which has zero point, why not just take a Yamato. Vulnerable to focus fires and nukes, can't push, only 1 BB for it to abuse using HE. So, please don't jump on the bandwagon and free xp this ship. Not worth it. Main Fleet CAs: Moskva > Des Moines > Minotaur Moskva! Tanky, accurate, very powerful AP, multi-role and oh, radar. The perfect main fleet CA, all you have to do is bow on and tank/push. With flanks secured and well positioned, the enemy will have lots of trouble bring you down. Enemy contesting a cap? You can just one click and laugh at the DD that just went "oh crap". It also doesn't take much skill to play this ship, easy for beginners to learn. The downside of this ship is that it has some trouble 1v1 almost all other T10 CAs because of lack of DPS and horrible concealment. Getting kited is not a good feeling. Des Moines is a hard ship to play. I'm not a great DM player, but I know what it takes to be one. It takes so much skill, that I thought about removing it in this guide. Get in position without getting nuked, have your team secure flanks, stay in position well to not get focused down, and only then can you think about maybe do some damage. Unless your are one of the top teams and have a great CA player, try not to use it. It does have up and downs besides the skill cap though. Highest HE DPS in all T10 CAs is a good reason to take this ship. In a good position, you can demolish the enemy team. It has nice concealments compared to the Mosvka, almost double the DPS of Moskva, with half the survivability. Can't really use the DM on a flank though, you'll get deleted very often. AA is useless though because there are no CVs. Minotaur is like this cancer ship that people love to show off in pubs but does horribly in CB. Why? Radar. Radar everywhere, everytime you pop smoke. It gets abused by Moskva and Henri and Hindenburgs. Unfortunately, the won't be many braindead BBs for you to abuse. By the way, Henri AP can overmatch Mino's bow armor. If you take radar, it is pointless, because both DM and Moskva can do far better. So my advice is, skip this ship. Flanking CAs: Henri ≥ Hindenburg > Moskva > Zao Henri, there's one thing that makes this ship stands out, speed. Easily hitting 40kts, 2 Henri can be devastating to the enemy team because of how fast it can flank and out position the enemy. While it doesn't have as much DPS as the Hindenburg, it has equally good if not better armor. Slow down then speed up should be something done very often while flanking, because it will make your enemy wanna punch through their monitor when they are shooting at you. "How the **** did I over/undershot that?" Note that you'll have trouble solo-ing a Zao, but a Hindenburg should be 50/50. Hindenburg, oh how WG screwed up balancing this ship. Hindenburg was ok, pretty good before the HE buff. Now? It's REALLY good. I would suggest to take the range mod for Hindenburg in CB because you'll need it often. The sheer DPS+fires will make a Moskva rage and hide behind islands. DM? Not a chance. What you have to do as a Hindenburg, is to find a way flank around that island. Henri can flank around faster, that's why I put Henri slightly better than Hindenburg. But the German paper ship also excels at close range combat while Henri tries to stay away at all cost. You should also notice that your concealment is actually much better than Henri's (13.1km) so use this advantage when you are duelling agast the enemy flanker. Moskva can be played as a flanking ship occationally. When your enemy brings out 2 DDs, it's often they will send 1 DD+ 1 or 2 CAs to flank. When that happens, you can sent a Moskva along with your Hindenburgs or Henri to bully the enemy DDs. Also, the Moskva isn't a bad ship flanking, although the DPS is indeed quite low. The AP is well able to punish enemy CAs careless enough to give you broadside. Zao lacks the survivability to keep a flank going. While it can win a duel against Henri because of far superior detection, it fails miserably against the more popular Hindenburg. Most of the times, losing the HP trade means losing the flank; you may survive, but your main fleet won't last very long if that ever happens. Also, Zao is not immune to CA AP shells like Hindenburg is, so you'll get punished more than Hindenburgs. Don't use this ship unless there's only Henri on the enemy team all day long. DDs: Z52 > Gearing = Shimakaze = Grozovoi > Khabarovsk Z52 is the most versatile DD in CB since smoke is mostly useless after the nerf(Henri's firing detection range is 12.x km). It has fast torpedo reload, perfect for forcing enemy stationary ships to reposition or get punished repeatedly. Hydro is quite useful for occational encounters with enemy DDs in the open. There's only one thing a Z52 is afraid of, that is a wall of BB APs. Fourtunately, there's only 1 BB on the enemy team. Gearing is a safe pick, but also a passive/mediocre pick. You've got smoke, but can't really use that smoke most of the times. You've got 10 torps with long range, but the reload is long as hell. You can duel a Shima, but not a Z52. It's not paticularly strong in both torpedo wall or gun-fights, so if you are thinking about more universal lineup, Gearing isn't a bad pick. Shimakaze does the same thing as Gearing. Scout and torp. It's just Shimakaze focus more on torpedo wall rather than gun-fights. If you are running into a lot of 5 CAs lineup, Shimakaze might be better then Gearing. Otherwise, it's 50/50. Grozovoi does the exact same thing as Gearing and Shima. Well, a more gun-fight and less torpedo oriented version. I mean, I would only consider this ship if you don't have other DDs. It can work, but there's nothing really special about it. Khabarovsk is...... replaceble. By any of the flanking CAs above. I would consider this if there's a CA limit but there isn't because there's just nothing a Khab can do that a Hindenburg or Henri can't do equally or better. CVs: WHAT CV? How ships counter each other: Montana > all CAs + Conqueror , Yamato > Montana, GK > Yamato, Conqueror > Yamato + GK Moskva > Des Moines + Zao + Minotaur, Zao > Henri, Des Moines > Minotaur, Henri > Moskva + Des Moines + Minotaur, Hindenburg > Moskva > Des Moines > Zao > Minotaur Z52 > Gearing + Shimakaze + Grozovoi, Gearing + Grozovoi > Shimakaze. Maps: (I'll try to get these done later) The icons does not represent a certain lineup, it just shows where each class could perform the best. Mountain Range Left side of the map is mainly for flanking, don't sent your main fleet there. Otherwise, you might get flanked by enemy pushing out from C cap(the far right cap). Islands surrounding C are very ideal for island huggers like DM and Moskva. BB(especially Montana) pushing along the right side of C cap is a viable option. With well excuted team effort, it could be devastating for enemy cruisers stationed at C. DDs are recommended to scout the middle or left side of the map rather than contest C even if the enemy has more DDs than you. Unless you don't have any radar ship to de-cap C. Remember, bringing 1 more DD means 1 less firepower and HP pool. Use it wisely. A viable plan is pushing the enemy flanking team on the left with 3 or more CAs, then turn towards C if the enemy pushes it. Personally, I would recommend a strong flanking team on the left with the combinations of Henri and Hindenburgs while have your C team hold. Sorry for missing out a lot of stuff, I'll try to get these finished through the next few days. If you have any questions, objections, whatever you wanna throw at me, leave a comment below. I'll do my best to help you.
  6. Seems like SALTY will get their share of glory very soon. gl to them too, wise fellows who understands the powah of stalinium bows.
  7. 1 Montana and 6 Henri. I'm dead serious.
  8. 30 battles is quite easy to fill it seems like. To be honest, I would continue to play CB even after I'm done with the mission because the credits and free xp are just so nice.
  9. You're not lonely any more my friend :)
  10. A question for the top CW teams

    It depends. As a shot-caller, I may get distracted occationally and make mistakes when I'm playing very demanding ships. So, have your shot-caller play BBs is usually the best option. As a player following orders, I think your skills won't really increase or decrease. But, if you have a decend shot-caller, he can correct a lot of your potential mistakes before it happens. (like over-extending, not knowing when to push, etc).
  11. It does have the better concealment. But, does it have the cover to get into? If we look at all the maps(Mountain Range, Islands of Ice, Sea of Fortune, and Hotspot), the first 2 is large maps with wide open flanking space. Bringing more than 1 Des Moines means that you have weak flank cover. Generally, once you get in the cover of island you are almost always detected(planes, radar, flanking ships, DD, etc). Once you get in cover in these maps, there's a large chance you'll lose the game if your flank is lost, because DM does far poorer being flanked by CAs than moskva. Zao, Hindi, Henri, Moskva can all lolcit a broadside DM outside of 13km. On the last 2 maps, the cover isn't actually great. SOF has so many islands that seems secure, but Yamato, Henri or Hindi can all shoot over it. C cap in Hotspot requires great map understanding. A is like telling enemy come flank me. So get in position without getting nuked, secure flanks, stay in position well to not get focused down, and only then can you think about maybe do some damage. All that takes great amount of player situation awareness and team coordination. Not a easy thing to do. And I know only very few who can actually execute this plan well enough against a team that just lol push with their Moskvas. As to a DM taking on 2 Moskvas, I can only laugh as such ignorant idea.
  12. First thing first, my clan is called NADO, not NORDA. As one of the shot-callers for my clan who knows what we were doing, I completely agreed with your analysis. We didn't concentrate well that game and it end up as a defeat. As to which lineup was better, no doubt it was ours. Currently we played 43 games with 79%WR in 2 nights, and yes, we did see specific lineup and playstyle that counters ours. Unfortunately I can't share anything with you. I will say though, Moskva heavy lineup is still a favorite because we can say "oh well" to some clans or lineups that we have trouble with, while we seal club everyone else. In Clan Closed Beta we tried this meta first and it resulted in unexpected success. We reported such issues but nothing changed, so I feel it's fair and square for us to continue to do so. Anyway, I will say that I hate playing against Hindenburgs, but that's about it. As to whether Conqueror is worth the slot or not, I'm more leaned to it's not a good pick.
  13. Looking for a team

    Xiang0428 Looking for a team as a merc. Owns Bismarck, Benson, Atago. Would prefer silver league, but it doesn't really matter. reply if interested
  14. Same thing would've happened even there wasn't an ST program as long as we have PTs. Remember when Khab first rolled through ST it was way more OP than it is today, and STs didn't change that a single bit. It then rolled through PT and got nerf to hell.